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Monday, March 12, 2007

A little hiatus

My inlaws are in town and they are taking us to Callaway Gardens for the next two days and then we're coming home and I'm leaving Friday to go to St. Simon's Island for a retreat. We're very excited to go to Callaway, especially to visit their butterfly house. Here's a little blurb about it.

Flights of fancy . . .

. . . await you in the Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center, where 1,000 tropical butterflies, representing more than 50 different species, flutter freely through the air. Tropical plants and birds, reside peacefully with the colorful winged jewels in North America's largest, glass-enclosed tropical conservatory. The award-winning film, On Wings of Wonder, plays continuously on two wide-screen monitors in the center's multi-purpose room , explaining the life cycle of butterflies.

We hope to take a LOT of pictures and have a great time. You know I'm counting this trip as a field trip! This will be so much better than raising a caterpillar! Busy, busy, busy week but I think it's the best kind of busy we could be. See you next Monday!



crystal said...

Have fun!

Mimi Rothschild said...

You'd better count that as a field trip!

What a wonderful opporunity for learning...

The MorningStar Academy Daily Education News

keri said...

Sounds wonderful.
Today we read from here
You might be interested.If the link does not is at The Baldwin Project / Storybook of Science / Butterflies.

holly K said...

What a fun place to go! My dd6 is named Camille, too! I really enjoy your blog!