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Friday, September 5, 2008

Want to go for a walk?

The day started out with Camille sharing her snail anatomy picture that she did on her own based on a poster in our learning room. When I say started out, I mean this was around 7:30 am.

By about 8:30 am, I had the itch to GO somewhere and DO something so I asked Danny, "Do you want to take Jack for a walk?" We gathered our drinks, bug spray, camera and Jack and hopped into the car. We drove to a nearby trail where Danny, dh and I had explored before but Camille had not.

I promise there is a Horned Spider in this picture, but after taking 5 photos I could not get the camera to translate what I was seeing. So here's the background of where the horned spider has it's web. Lol.

The trail we walked surrounds a wetland area, here we stopped to see the fiddler crabs, we'll see them many times during our walk today. We watched them for about 15 minutes here.

This poor turtle trying to bask in the sun! If we got too close to the edge of the bank, he'd (or she) would dive into the water. Jack (our dog) was tugging at his leash and Danny was too excited to see the turtle to keep quiet so taaa daaa, a blurry picture of Mr(s). Turtle. Camille observed that it has a yellow bottom and black dots on its legs.

I saw this tree and I wonder what it is, whether or not the fruit is edible and safe for humans. My first thought was a crab apple tree but I'm not sure. We'll be looking this up (don't tell us).

When dh, Danny and I walked this trail a couple of weeks ago, this flower was magnificent. This is the only trace I could find of it on the trail, a withered specimen of its former glory. A friend has said it is part of the passion flower group.

This is what the flower looked like when we saw it before, a picture I found on the web. Isn't it gorgeous? It was so unusual that dh and I looked at it for a long time.

On the trail there are exercises to do which the kids loved. Two seconds after this picture was taken, Danny fell and cried a little because it scared him. This picture is such a reminder of, "whatever my sister can do, I can do!" Lol.

Here's Camille putting Jack's leash around Danny's waist. The leash is designed for this, Danny was excited to be able to have Jack's leash.

Hi, Mr. Fiddler Crab.

We watched for a while before moving on.

"Mom, look at this branch! Woodpeckers and other animals have been just eating away at it! What types of animals do you think would do this kind of damage? We can talk about it when we get home," Camille said in such a genuine way that although she was mimicking me, she truly meant that she wanted to find out more. Lol! Ah, eight years old...

This picture turned out too bright but I thought it was beautiful.

Hello Mr. Short-Horned Grasshopper!
We didn't see the hundreds of them on the trail that we had seen previously, we counted 4 alive and 2 dead that we saw. Dh said that I need better field guides because the Peterson First Guide to Insects did not give us a lot of information about the short-horned grasshopper. That was last time we walked this area, this time the kids just wanted to watch him.

A plant I want to identify, the clusters of seeds? berries? are interesting as well as the vibrant color.

More exercises on the trail...

More beautiful views of Georgia wetlands.

This is exactly the way I like to see a 2 hour walk end. I love those two so much!



barrellfullofmonkeys said...

What an amazing trail to explore! I especially liked the crabs. Knowing my boys, I would have had to field a million questions as to why we couldn't bring half a dozen or so home with us ;)

Kathy D.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

Great walk Jessica! I wish I could have shared the time with you and your kids.

I know what the colorful berries are.....I don't have them here but I learned about them when I was in Eastern Texas. :)

I know that feeling of "let's get out of here". I get it quite often. The boys hate it because then they have to "make up the time". I have created little creatures of habit.

Thanks for sharing your week.
Barb-Harmony Art Mom

Lori Leigh said...

I really enjoy your blog! We also homeschool and love taking nature walks and identifying all sorts of flora and fauna and creatures of all kinds! We just moved from Georgia to Texas so we are getting to explore a new part of the country.

Audrey said...

Looks like so much fun! We need to get out more...

Michele said...

What a great trip.

You should order some Passionflower seeds. We ordered some a few years ago, and we have babies coming up still. The dogs carried the fruits all over the place! They are wonderful to gaze at and the story behind the name bears some meditation! My grandfather always called them May-Pops.


lifeonwindyridge said...

Beautiful flower--isn't it amazing? I saw one for the first time last fall in Italy, never having seen anything remotely like it before:
Beautiful kids, too!!!
Thank you, btw, for your curriculum organization suggestions. I've tried them out this year myself, and this first week has gone just so smoothly.

Anonymous said...

The shrub w/berries is American beautyberry.

We have passion vine in our garden in Texas. It is beautiful and great for butterflies, but it is horribly invasive here. We have a stereo microscope and looked at the flowers under the scope just yesterday. It was amazing!

I have 'lurked' on WTM and your blog for some time. Love your blog!
We visited Savannah area in March and fell in love.

the good, the bad & the ugly said...

My husband is a biologist. He told me what the fruit, flower and berries are called. Wanna know? He said in Georgia just about all fruits that size are edible. The berries are not edible.
Aren't the purple flowers amazing? My boys just picked some of those for me out of our back yard (woods). They don't stay alive long, but they are so beautiful! I personally know almost nothing about identifying plants and animals. I'm so glad to learn, too! Good for you for enjoying such a beautiful area and a nice day together outside. I need to do this more with my kids!

nestof3 said...

You go girl! Wow -- braving the wetlands in the summer. I look up to you. :) Fabulous photos. Your children are getting a superb education!

christinemm said...

What a great walk and thanks for blogging it and sharing all those great photos!

Lisawa said...

What a great way to spend 2 hours Jessica! It is a beautiful place....


Diane said...

Did you ever find out what that yellow fruit looking thing is? :) My parents have one in their backyard, but I won't say anymore. Just don't snoop around my blog or you'll see a post about it...back a few pages.

April said...

The plant with the purple berries is the Beauty Berry bush I'm pretty sure! It's my daughters favorite bush:)

Love the Passion fruit flower! It's so amazing to look at and study!