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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Friday's Field Trip

We went to the UGA Aquarium on Skidaway Island, UGA stands for University of Georgia, and the kids surprised me. It is a small aquarium but the kids were finally interested in more details about the fish we looked at than ever before. To walk through the aquarium glancing at each display, it would probably take 15 minutes but we spent almost an hour and talked about each display in detail- with me following the kids' interest.

I am seeing the pay-offs of nature study more and more each day, the kids are more patient, observant and interested in learning more, even Danny so I know this is not just a maturity thing.

Here are some of the highlights of the aquarium visit

Camille explores the coral reef display, she played tour guide as she told me about the various invertebrates shown.





I thought the picture was clearer when I took it but the seahorses were beautiful and we watched them for a long time.


An interactive program where Camille selected all the invertebrates and played, "Do I know this?" To my delight, she won her own game...the program did not tell her anything that she didn't learn in the last two months.

Outside of the aquarium

Aquatic Turtles Basking

And on the Nature Trail at the Aquarium...



Yes, those are dolphins.



The trees don't seem to understand that Fall is starting, it looked more like Spring on the trail.

It is so refreshing to get out each Friday and get OUT there.



Anonymous said...

Ok, it's official. I want you to teach my kids! lol
And me, while you're at it!

Sounds like a lovely time. I'm glad your kids are absorbing so much right now.

Chris in VA

Michele said...

Oh, I am so glad that you are seeing fruits! It is so encouraging!


Jennifer said...

What a wonderful day trip! You're right, it looks like spring! Here in Alaska, our leaves are all but gone and it's actually supposed to snow an inch or two tonight :( I'm not ready for winter yet!

Kristen Laurence said...

Beautiful pictures! Nature study is a favorite around here too. Good for the little ones, good for mama! :) It's amazing how much learning is accomplished outdoors, just looking at God's artistry.

momtime said...

I was just looking for a way to use my Book of Virutes online and your blog popped up! I love have a lot of great information here!!! Thanks for sharing with the rest of us!! Also, it's really funny to see this as your field trip, because we lived in Sav a few years ago and were there for about 8 years, so I recognized the area with your great pictures! Feels like a small world sometimes. Sorry for rambling, I am just excited to find such a wonderful site! Thanks for the inspiration to get out!

CookieMonster said...

How cool is that?!

I'm gonna hafta read up on how you do 'nature study' and start engaging my kids. Maybe I already do it...but I could use a few pointers.

Tracy said...

Looks like fun! Great pics and love the ones of the trees!!! Love your new header too!