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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Glimpses of Reality

1. Yesterday morning Camille said she wanted to go to school. This was a surprise because she loves homeschooling but what she was really saying is that she wants to have a 'girl' friend. She has much more friends here than she did before we moved but they are all boys. Oh and the whole "I want to go to school" episode escalated to the point that I told her I would drop her off at the elementary school after I dropped Danny off at preschool, which is when she explained more about what she meant.

Yes, she did think I was going to the elementary school and yes, I did think about it for a nanosecond. We ended the conversation with the fact that her dad and I decide her educational path, not her and that I would do what I can to get her a 'girl' friend.

2. On top of Camille's declaration yesterday morning, Danny had an all-out temper tantrum when I dropped him off at preschool for his second week. "I don't want to go Mommy! I want to stay with you!" Clinging, yelling, fighting, yep. A teacher helped pull him off of me and tried to talk to him to calm him down, the class was going on a field trip to the bakery and she was working to entice him. Camille and I sat in the lobby for 15 minutes while he worked out the rest of his temper tantrum which we heard loud and clear though many walls and doors.

We left and I called back 10 minutes later and he had calmed down and was actively participating with the class. When I picked him up, he had a great behavior report. Sigh.

3. I am sick, which started yesterday afternoon. I have the chest congestion crud and I want to crawl into bed heavily medicated but I can't.

4. I am dropping French as a formal subject, we'll do something each week informally- probably play Lingua Fun French card game and watch Bonjour Les Amis but I'm allowing Prima Latina to have all of our academic foreign language focus at this time. No, I don't have any solid reasons for doing this, it is just a gut feeling that this is what we should do at this time. French will resume formally after Prima Latina, I think.

5. Instead of reading Of Courage Undaunted and finishing it, we're in Part III- but instead of continuing to read- we watched Lewis & Clark Great Journey West by National Geographic.

This post is dedicated to a friend who thinks I've got it all together (ha!) and that doubts herself more often than she should!



Michele said...

Isabella spent the first two weeks of pre-school like that. I did not know what to do. Dh bundled her to school each day and I figured the paid professionals could deal with her. It got better and she loves it even with a teacher this year. She knows she will be home with us next year. It was emotionally draining, to say the least.



Renay said...

Praying for you, Jessica! :) (((HUGS))) Renay

Anonymous said...

Get Well Soon!

Tell your dd that my dd is in school, and she still doesn't have a close friend after 5 weeks. She's fairly outgoing and very sweet, but there's simply no time in the day to really develop a friendship. Playground time is fun, but the day is exhausting.

But I do understand what she means.
Hugs to all.
Chris in VA

Rhonda said...

You poor thing. My prayers will be with you also. Maybe time will help Danny to get used to preschool. I remember when my oldest went to our church preschool, she cried everyday for the whole year and never wanted to go. So that was part of the reason to homeschool. teehee. She still flips out if I say anything about real school.

Good for you for making your load lighter.

Sheryl said...

Man I can't stand it when I use the "I'll just put you in school tomorrow" routine. I must admit our conflicts have elevated to that point around here too. aghhh.

I too am praying for a special girl friend for my dd. Its really a God sized task and I finally let myself off the hook and came to realize that. I expose her the best I can; homeschool girl scout troop, co op , church...but there's not really more I can do. And if it makes you feel any better my friends dd just had her 7th bday and of the girls at her party guess how many were friends made from school....0!! They were all daughters of her mom's friends.

Michelle said...


We also dropped Of Courage Undaunted after reading about half of it and watched the SAME video! LOL The book was getting really hard to keep reading. Just not keeping my girls attention and I found that the visual of the movie really helped.

Jennifer said...

Hang in there!!

Jones Academy said...

We also decided to drop Spanish and just stick with Prima Latina! There just aren't enough hours in the day to get to everything we'd like.


my5wolfcubs said...

1. May God bring just the right friend for your dd (and for my dds)!
2. That hurts...but I'm glad he the teacher was able to calm him and that he had a great day otherwise. How is his learning otherwise? Wonderful I hope!
3. No, not sick! Not again! How about a nap??
4. Playing games and watching French videos sounds like a wonderful continuation plan.
5. When we get to Lewis & Clark I'll have to look for that -- seeing can be better than reading (sometimes!).

((((HUG)))) I might not be the friend to whom the post is dedicated but I could be. :)