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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Creating my own Homeschool Mother Notebook

I have a teacher's book but I have outgrown it so I need to revamp it. I want one book to house everything that I need so here is my free write concerning this. I want two sections: Mom and Teacher.

1. Family Calendar - contains birthdays, anniversaries, appointments, events, etc.
2. My Journal and Prayer list
3. Food - Menus, meal planning ideas, recipes to try, master grocery list, phone numbers for take-out.
4. Cleaning- chore schedule for kids, my cleaning schedule, to do list
5. Contacts - Phone numbers, addresses, email addresses of family, friends, acquaintances (divided by permanent and semi-permanent info)
6. Budget and bill schedule

1. GA state forms storage (Declaration of Intent and Attendance), GA homeschool laws and other helps, contact info for area homeschool groups.
2. Weekly homeschool schedule
3. Answer keys to curriculum
4. Master copies of blank pages I need
5. Yearly and quarterly objectives, planning and notes
6. Educational philosophy helps and notes √ empty notebook pages
7. Area for each subject to record thoughts and ideas: Nature Study/Science, Math, History, etc. √ empty notebook pages
8. Character training /practical skills
9. Books: list of ones to read, list of ones we've read , ones to buy, etc.
10. Extracurricular notes and field trips

I'm currently doing a poor job of staying on top of it all, I have a "deal with it when I can" attitude right now and I can be better. Getting organized is the first step, well the second step- the first step is identifying that I have a problem, lol.

Helpful links:

Update: My book is almost done with forms I created myself because I couldn't find what I wanted online for free and with a mix of free printables found online. I'll be posting a link to the pdf file on the sidebar soon.



Chris said...

I have a friend who keeps a book like this--she uses a big binder and hauls it everywhere. But I guess my question is, why not use a filing cabinet or a small file box? Do you take it places with you? Is this the basic idea, only placed in a huge notebook instead of individual files?

Trivium Academy said...

Out of sight, out of mind- I can't use a filing cabinet. I might downsize this a little make it two notebooks, one for everyday and one for at home.

I don't know, free-writing about it...
;) Jessica

Chris said...

LOL--I'm so visual, I really understand! I do use a filing cabinet, but I post a list outside of it detailing what folders are inside!
Sounds like you know yourself well, and can set up what will help you best.

LisaWA said...

Jessica... I have something like this... but not nearly as detailed! Oh my... not at all... I am so encoouraged by your posts latley... well I always am... but more so the last few months....

I bought a notebook from Cindy Rushton years ago.... I still have it and use it... Its a place I have my goals... memory verses, prayer requests and things like that... You kicked it up a notch! lol

Thanks for all the links...


she who must be obeyed said...

Love the idea, let me know if you figure out how to compile the two. Right now I have a binder for school and one for house, and no way could I put the two together and still walk around with it! But if anyone can do it, I am sure you can :)