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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pencil Planning for Next Week

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All I have to add to my Mother/Teacher book is tabs to keep the sections organized. Here is the planning page I created for our week which I wasn't enslaved to the computer to create. My handwriting isn't very uniform and neat, I'll need to work on that but I did this in less time than usual due to the fact I didn't have to collect the information to input it on the computer. A quick grab of a few books and documenting what we need to do, and voíla, done!

Feel Free to use a similar one I created at GoogleDocs for your own use, below

Also viewable at



judahmo said...

Hi Jessica-
I'm a paper and pencil kind of gal myself, so I love this! :) How did you make the form? I'd like to have something like this to work from.


Trivium Academy said...

I created the form in a program I have that allows me to make tables, you could do it in Excel as well. has some helps in creating your own forms.

I'm on a Mac and I used Appleworks to create the table. Appleworks is actually an old program now b/c they have newer ones available.

On the back I made an area to make notes about how the week went:

Week In Review: Mom's Notes

BIBLE _____________________________

MATH ______________________________

etc. so I can do our Weekly Review there.

I hope this helps,

Anonymous said...

This is great Jessica. I spent all night (as you suggested) and worked on our schedule. I think I have an idea....
I love this for the subjects- I like seeing the whole week and I like being able to erase :). Thank you again for sharing. *superstar*

Just me,

Tracy said...

I do this too...and I used to write out everything!! BUT now it is on my computer and is MORE filled in by the computer...Like:

Math: MUS Lesson ___

Friday it says- Math: MUS Test __

Wordly Wise Lesson ___

So literally I print the page out and write in the page numbers to be done. SO even less writing. And now that my kids are older they like to do more than what I assign, so they fill in the blanks sometimes! Lesson 1A & 2A.

judahmo said...

Thanks so much! This is great. I use a Mac too, but sadly i don't know how to use many of the great features it provides. My husband is the computer person here. :)

I really wanted to thank you for sharing all of your experience and information. You have been a tremendous help and blessing to me this year.