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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Science by Seasons

Each season, we'll have a MAIN focus but read/journal about all the topics in the season through our book basket reading (independently) and through our nature walks. I did go through and bold certain topics to highlight but realized that it might be better to just see where our interest leads a little. This may change COMPLETELY at ANY TIME but I feel better having some type of plan.

Anyways, it's just an idea. Next, I'll make a listing of the books we'll read that I know of right now, leaving it open to explore other books that we haven't discovered yet.



Amanda and Ron said...

Are you going to do some of the same books when they are in the upper grades to get a different perspective, or just find age appropriate books at each level? I love the way you have it divided. Thanks for sharing

Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

Just came to say - I am thinking of you. I hope dh's surgery goes well tomorrow. Please update when you can. I am rooting for you all.

jennybell said...

I like how you organized science by seasons. I wanted to suggest something you could add to spring for the K age (well, any age really). We usually do something about recycle, reuse, renew, and the earth for Earth Day. This may not be technically science, but it should fit it nice if you are already doing a nature study.

mom24 said...

You're doing a great job realy thinking deeply and planning for your little students! It's obvious that God knew you would be a great teacher for them!
Hope your dh feels well today!