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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I'm officially eclectic.

I was sharing with a homeschool friend about what we use and how we came about it and she said the words I dread to hear. "You're quite eclectic." I guess I am, but I never wanted to be. I want a term that defines what we do easily! But alas, there is not one, we're not a Well-Trained Mind, Charlotte Mason, Ruth Beechick, Christine Miller, Latin Centered, Principal Approach, Bluedorn, Elizabeth Foss/Real Learning, or any other singular type of educational philosophy homeschool.

For Bible, I selected Explorer's Bible Study because it is non-denominational and United Methodist homeschooling materials for faith formation and Bible study do not exist.

For Math, I selected Horizons Math from the very beginning from a Sonlight Catalog. I selected Horizons Preschool in part, because Danny will use Horizons Math.

From The Well-Trained Mind, we have used: Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading, First Language Lessons, Story of the World vol. 1 & 2, and other suggestions such as Spelling Workout, science suggestions, and taking piano lessons. All of which I have dropped with the exception of piano lessons.

Tapestry of Grace is our history/georaphy/literature curricula selection but does not define us.

We memorize poetry because someone else shared that they did and when I researched it, I found multitudes of reasons to memorize poetry, including that I've always had a love for poetry.

We study French because it is part of Camille's heritage and we enjoy it.

Our science, grammar, and spelling have Charlotte Mason and others' imprints on them but my goal is to choose products that breed a love of learning and a love of life.

I'm at home to teach and love my children, that is what our homeschool is about. Love. If you want to look at our academics, you could say Classically Charlotte Mason but that will never truly define us, our love always will.



Angela said...

Great discovery. Children are eclectic in nature, people are eclectic. We are made up of so many things! I love the ring of that!

Sheryl said...

Glad to hear that you have embraced being a "misfit" so to speak. I find that I walk sometimes on the sidewalk and sometimes on the grass..meaning sometimes I walk where someone has suggested I walk and other times I make my own path. So I guess I am eclectic too and a curriculum tweaker at that. You children are blest to have a mom and teacher that put so much prayer and thought into their developmenta and spiritual growth. Have a great week from one "misfit" to another.

Manders said...

I'll need to find Explorer's Bible Study, for my boys.

Thanks for sharing. I'm just starting out my honeschool blog, but I haven't yet started homeschooling. We'll start this summer.

Can't read to read more.


Anonymous said...

We are also eclectic, and oddly, I've always liked the "eclectic" label. Somehow it is affirming to me to know that we use our own, custom tailored, personalized blend instead of anyone else's "template". I'd say my style matches closest with Classical and CM, and owes a lot to each, but in reality, we are our own unique style.

I so enjoy your blog posts and seeing your school evolve. Thanks for sharing your journey so openly. It is a blessing!
-Dell (PrairieFrogs Academy)

LisaWA said...

HI Jessica... Ya know... you are so right... home schooling is about Love...we are raising our children for heaven... not Harvard...

Everything you have and are doing, sounds like you have found a comfort level and balance. That is wonderful!

The last few years I have not... I think its because the family dynamics have changed so much and Im not handling that well... sniff... my boy will graduate in 4 months... *Ü* It will be a happy time... but I do miss him being small.... even though I enjoy him growing up...

Have a great Thursday my dear!


my5wolfcubs said...

Hey, aren't I the one who wants to be defined?!

Okay, I don't like the word eclectic. Probably because at first I didn't know what it meant and thought it was something negative...first impressions and all that.

Here's to Homeschooling with Love: the Undefined Edition!


Anonymous said...

Homeschooling really is a act of love. When you begin, it can be intimidating and overwhelming. I know I read EVERYTHING and latched onto this and that. Some of it worked for one kid and not the other. I learned how to customize what we did for each child. The bones of Classical and Charlotte Mason are still visible, but the flow of school is our very own. It is such a pleasure to spend our days, learning as we wish, and doing it with love.
I am so happy for you...

Karen said...

I dislike the "eclectic" label because it makes us sound like we can't make up our minds. I call what we do "hybrid-homeschooling" and I'm going to write a book about it...when I have time. :)

Curriculum or educational philosophies are supposed to work for us, not the other way around.

Anonymous said...

Here, here! We're not easily defined either. I enjoy our blog, which is really saying something, since I don't "do" blogs! Thank you for the pretty pages, the heart-revealing posts about your journey and the plethora of information you share on your blog!

Anonymous said...

Ack! I meant YOUR blog, not OUR blog up there! ;)

Anonymous said...

We are eclectic too! I believe that every approach has something to unique to add to our homeschool. You are so true.