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Friday, March 14, 2008

Weekly Report, TOG2, Week 16

We started second grade in July 2007 and it is hilarious to me to be on Week 16! In actuality, we would be at the end of SOTW 2 now and in the next two weeks. We had a light November and December but we've accomplished 132 days as of March 1st. So by the state of Georgia's standards, we only have 48 days left, meanwhile by my standards we have 100 days left. At least we'll be done (May 30) by Georgia's standards before we move in June.

I am really proud of Camille, we both seem to be blossoming with what we're doing and I really feel blessed to be at this place right now. Okay let's get to the pictures...(which I realized this week I can SCAN them with the printer/scanner/copier I've had for most of this year). DUH.

Primary Language Lessons, Lesson 23: Camille's story based on Sir Edwin Landseer's Saved.

Primary Language Lessons: Lessons 24 & 25, using a and an.

Notebook page on Mercury, Camille's doing one on Venus today. She's graduated to regular notebook paper, although she needs to work on her spacing. I just photocopied pictures out of our books and she pasted them to the page.

A little rhyming exercise that involved some investigative work for Camille after we read Mother Goose.

Our first MapAids map and Camille was thrilled. She loves geography.

Camille has worked for two weeks in Unit 1 and she's completing the workbook pages for Unit 1 to move onto Unit 2 next week. She's needed some help but for the most part, she's doing well.

Horizons Math, she's doing great!

We're reading Mr. Pipes and Mother West Wind's Children aloud and having a lot of fun. Camille is doing well with reading aloud and she loves Mother West Wind's Children.



Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

This was fun to see. I am always impressed with the level (amount!) of writing she's able to do.

Way to go, Camille!

LisaWA said...

Me too. She does wonderful are just one groovy teacher! Yeah on the map......

I know we are behind... but decided last week... I don’t care...That sounds bad.... but... if I stress now I wont be an good... so we will keep on swimming, keep on swimming.. *Ü*

Glad you have such an awesome groove!