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Friday, March 28, 2008

Weekly Report, TOG Week 18

Dh had surgery Monday. We're not having a full week but doing what we can between my nurse duties. My energy level varies throughout the day because I'm bouncing between the kids, Jack and dh needing me. It's draining when Danny is getting into something, dh is calling me and Camille is asking questions. Poor Jack hasn't had a walk in a week and is restless too.

The kids don't really understand that dh cannot be left alone and this makes us homebound for a while, with the exception of quick trips to the library, post office and grocery store. We can't even go on a nature walk although we will be spending time in the backyard today.

NATURE STUDY while confined...
We're going to observe two nests in our tree, the actual tree that is the header for this blog. The rest of the nests that we thought were being built were either blown away by strong winds we've had or they weren't actually nests in the making at all. If the weather is nice today, I'm planning a backyard picnic for lunch with a drawing session in our nature journals afterwards. Thankfully we have a phone system that allows each handset to call each other like walkie-talkies so that as long as we don't venture too far in the yard, dh can call me if he needs me.

We have a Hummingbird Feeder at our kitchen window now and a little friend that has been coming by every now and then. Our garden of dahlias, marigolds and impatiens is germinating and we have a bird feeder for our backyard birds. I suspect we have a nest of Cardinals in our tree because a male Cardinal serenades us throughout the day.

Our lesson status from this week

Bible- one lesson all week

Math- out of lessons 110-114, lesson 110-112 is done- we'll complete 113 and 114 today and tomorrow

Reading- Camille is still reading George's Marvelous Medicine and I'm still reading aloud Mother West Wind's Children

Poetry- Reviewing daily Time to Rise and Singing Time

History- none

Science- working on notebook pages for Venus and Earth, nature study

LA- so far 2 lessons of PLL have been done, another 2 will be done today and tomorrow

Phonics- Lesson 3 of Book 6 was finished yesterday in one sitting (she's getting fast!). Side note: Camille has been writing numerous letters this week on her own accord and experimenting with spelling larger words on her own. She likes to wrap these notes/letters up like presents and present them to me.

French- listening to Unit 1 of Écoutez, Parlez book 1 although we should be on Unit 2. Review never hurts, lol.

Piano- private lessons going well, we've been listening to Vivaldi each day

Next week will be our official week for TOG Week 18, we will just pick up where we left off and I will not worry about getting off the schedule. We will still take April 7-11 off for Spring Break.

Books and Science
I am working on separating our science related books into the topics to cover and putting the books in their own totes sort of like a unit study. We are building a science library through and with occasional Amazon orders.

Here's a recent order I made at Book Closeouts:

Ocean Life from A to Z (Book and DVD)
Maps & Globes by Jack Knowlton
The Circle of Days
The Animal Family
Everglades (by Jean Craighead George), I purchased the last one but there are other books linked
Rachel Carson's The Sense of Wonder
The Story of Clocks and Calendars by Maestro
Gather Up, Gather In: A book of Seasons
One Lighthouse, One Moon by Anita Lobel
And the Good Brown Earth
Buzz Aldrin's Reaching for the Moon

I saved over $100.00 at

There are loads of living books available at BookCloseouts, grab your list of favorite authors and see for yourself. There are a number of Jim Arnosky, Jean Craighead George and other wonderful living author's books available.

SEARCH for your Favorite Authors


You know how some women get excited about finding new shoes or clothes for discount prices? I'm the same, just with fabulous books. Lol. Here are the recent books we've gotten from



Sheryl said...

I am so loving your posts lately. I have finished my lit. list for our American History next year and I'm working on our science plans. I am using My Nature Journal which is split into sections: seashore, woodlands, ponds/streams etc. From there I am adding in appropriate animals from the First Encyclopedia of Animals and also finding literature/storybooks to add in.I am trying to find a way that our nature walks/nature study can be linked to our study of animals/plants aka WTM. I want the science to flow and be more natural but have some order. Almost as if the kids won't know that we are nature walking a forest, making a page about squirrels and reading lit books about racoons and forest trees on purpose. How to make something that is somewhat planned seem spontaneous and the natural flow of things. Maybe that's crazy? Thank you for all the great examples in your last few posts.
Sheryl in GA

Paige said...

Thanks for the tip on the Book Closeout and for sharing your week. Hope your dh is better soon.


Lori Carr said...

Glad you week went good. Hope your dh is better soon. I love getting good deals on books!

Have a great weekend,

Tina said...

Oh I think a backyard picnic would be lovely. But it is too cold here in WA to do anything like that...

Praying your dh recovers quickly and praying for you as well. :o)


Anonymous said...

I see you got Blood & Guts! That's a great book. Your children will love it. I hope it doesn't offend your sensibilities with its, uh, forthrightness. Way to go -- it's out of print now.

buddhabelly (julie)

Pam said...

I'm enjoying your blog! You share some wonderful resources! I hope your husband feels better soon. Sometimes the interruptions in life are the real learning experiences! Blessings!