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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ideas for 3rd Grade

again from my notes...

The year will be split up into 4 quarters, as there are 4 units in each year of TOG. Each quarter will be about 9 weeks with 1 week off. A proposed schedule

Sept 15th - Nov 10th = First Quarter
.............Nov 17-28th off, two weeks
Dec 1-19th, Second Quarter continues..
.............Dec 22-26th off
Dec 29- Feb 6th = Second Quarter
.............Feb 9-13 off
Feb 16- April 17th = Third Quarter
.............April 20-24 off
April 27-June 26 = Fourth Quarter

This will allow us to start AFTER the projected release dates of TOG Redesign Year 3 and Year 4 for 4th grade.

Each Quarter:

Read about and listen to- one composer in the Baroque Period 1600-1750.
1st- Antonio Vivaldi
2nd- Johann Sebastian Bach
3rd- George Frideric Handel
4th - Franz Joseph Haydn (Classical Period 1750-1820)

Focusing on one composer at a time will allow us to rent DVDs, get familiar with their pieces and learn more deeply about each composer. We will read biographies by Opal Wheeler and Madeleine Goss as well as any picture books the library can provide. We will also learn the themes from Themes to Remember 1 by Classical Magic. Camille will work on creating a presentation on each composer.

Scientist Biographies - at least two each quarter
These will be in the framework of our history studies. I have not seen the book list for TOG Year 3 so this will be decided upon later. There will be an extension project, for at least one scientist, utilizing art and writing if not experiments. I think 1 per 3 weeks is more than enough to read and accomplish a project. *I may simplify this to just reading aloud and narrating if it is too much. This will be a Masterly Inactivity exercise.

Art will be through projects and formally using Drawing With Children by Mona Brooks.
She wants art, she'll have art- coming out of her ears! Lol. Nature Journal, Art Lessons, History and Science projects.

I may add more to this later



Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica,

Looking at your composer plans, I wanted to suggest a couple of books to you. We recently spent some time with George Frederick Handel and his "Messiah." Two books I found at our library, both were great were, "Handel, who knew what he liked" by MT Anderson, and "Handel and the Famous Sword Swallower of Halle" by Bryna Stevens. If your library has them, they're both worth reading - the second focuses more on his young childhood, and the first more on his adult life, as he tried to bring opera to England. Both suitable for grammar stage, well-written, nice pictures, good living books. :)

Take care,
Melissa (MelissaMinNC)

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled upon your blog last night and have been browsing on and off today. It will be a year before I plan on doing a formal science instruction starting in 1st grade with my son, but I came across this site the other day and thought you may find it interesting for your science curriculum.
I am leaning toward this for next year and plan on utilizing our local library for supplemental reading. I haven't found any negative comments on the curriculum as of yet. God bless you and your family in your homeschooling adventure. Jessica B.

my5wolfcubs said...

Every time I read about TOG, I think "oh, it sounds so good!" I might just end up buying it again, I really might. :) Third grade sounds wonderful at your house. I just noticed you changed your blog-title!!
PS Have you read any of Cicely Mary Barker's Flower Fairy poems? They'd blend nicely into your love of nature & poetry, and her illustrations are just delightful!

keri said...

"Drawing With Children by Mona Brooks." We are using this book.
My kids really want to draw whatever they want, but I've been sticking with the book.
I hope to see progress.