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Saturday, May 19, 2007

SOTW2 and History Scribe

I have the History Combo and the biographies combo from History Scribe, this has been asked for a couple of times but realize it may not be 100% accurate, it's what our history notebook looks like combining SOTW2 and History Scribe.

The #'s are SOTW2's chapter #'s. If there is "none" or "blank biography page", it means I'll add as we study or put the name of the person when we study that chapter but I know that there is a biography that we want to do.

If the page is the title of a person, it is a biography. If it is event or subject, it is a picture narration page.

History Scribe products: Medieval Times, Age of Discovery, 100 Famous People of the World, Scientists, Artists

SOTW 2 and History Scribe

1. Holy Roman Empire
2. Monasticism, Queen Boudicca
3. Great Saints and Holy Men, Illumination and Scribes, Great Early Rulers
4. Justinian
5. Buddha
6. Mohammad, Mohammad and Islam
7. None
8. East-West Schism
9. None
10. None
11. Clovis
12. None
13. Charles Martel, Charlemagne
14. Thor Heyerdahl, Barbarians and Viking Invaders, Vikings Discover N. America, Leif Ericksson
15. The Battle of Hastings, William the Conqueror
16. Feudal System, Peasant Life, Noble Life
17. The Knight, Coats of Arms
18. The Crusades, Saladin
19. The Magna Carta, Eleanor of Aquintaine, Richard the Lionheart
20. Blank biography page
21. Genghis Khan
22. Marco Polo and Trade, The Silk Road and Marco Polo
23. 2 Blank biography pages
24. blank biography page
25. The Black Death
26. Blank biography page, Joan of Arc
27. The Hundred Years War, 4 blank biography pages
28. Inventions and Advancements in Navigation, blank bio page, The Portuguese Explorers
29. blank bio page
30. None
31. The Spanish Explorers, Christopher Columbus, Magellan's Voyage
32. blank bio page
33. blank bio page
34. King Henry II, Martin Luther
35. Leonardo DaVinci
36. blank bio page
37. Nicolas Copernicus, Galileo Galilei
38. Mary Queen of Scots, Henry the Eighth, Queen Elizabeth Tudor, Anne Boleyn
39. Wiliam Shakespeare
40. none
41. The French Explorers, The Northwest Passage, Francis Drake, Around the World
42. none

Hope this helps someone, it takes time to put it together but it makes an awesome history notebook that helps you remember to DO the narrations and biographies.



Alice said...

I wanted to thank you for your prayers. They meant alot to me and things are much better now.

Stacy (Aussie in America) said...

Hi Jessica,
I just wanted to say hello. I have been visiting your blog but not had much time lately and have not left a comment. Hope all is well.
I'm enjoying reading all you plans for next year. Very exciting!