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Friday, May 11, 2007

Sharing Philosophy with Kids

I found this wonderful book at Books A Million today (go figure, right?) It's called "Little Big Minds" by Marietta McCarty.

Little Big Minds is a guide to take any adult and child into the world of wonder that is at the heart of philosophy. Children are natural philosophers, and Marietta McCarty discovered through her philosophy program for kids from kindergarten through eighth grade just how eager they are to explore ideas and to understand their world better. The book draws on McCarty’s background both as a college professor of philosophy as well as over fifteen years sitting in a circle with inquisitive, bouncing child philosophers. It gives you the tools and desire to engage in dialogue with kids about friendship, justice, compassion, and death, for example. The book makes clear the positive effects of philosophizing, as it enhances critical thinking skills and encourages acceptance and community involvement regardless of age.

Please check out the website linked above, just reading the first few chapters- I know I'll be using this book with my children. I'm going to finish reading it and give you more details, but I encourage you to seek this book out for yourself.



Sherry said...

This looks fascinating, and it comes at a time when I'm on the lookout for something to use with my 10yo who is asking lots of deep, philosophical questions lately. Thanks so much.

Fond of Books said...

Hi Jessica,
you won't belive, I accidently erased my template on ClassicalEducator over at HSB and SAVED the changes before I knew what I did.
I was crying over it, I was so upset. Anyway, I've started a new blog here for my book reading, come over and see me there.