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Saturday, May 5, 2007

The Planning is Done.

Okay, I'm ready for 2nd grade! This past week wore me out, trying to homeschool, plan, chase a 3 yr. old around and the daily stuff just was too much. (Ducking from the tomatoes being thrown by moms with more than two!) I don't think I can post the teacher's guide I created for myself as a pdf file because it contains copyrighted information such as book lists and other curriculum based information but I can give you the outline.

My Teacher/Memorization Guide

1. Personal Information
a. Full name
b. Birthday
c. Telephone number
d. Address
e. Names of extended family
f. Directions to house from landmark in town

2. General Time (French/English)
a. Days of the Week
b. Months of the Year
c. Seasons of the Year

3. Bible
a. 34 scriptures from Beginnings II, Jesus My Shepherd
b. Creation (what happened each day)
c. 12 Disciples - I have to share this:
"This is the way the disciples run
Peter, Andrew, James and John
Phillip and Bartholemew
Thomas next and Matthew, too.
James the less and Judas the greater
Simon the zealot and Judas the traitor."
d. 66 Books of the Bible, memorized 5 at a time and using song from My First Hymnal
e. Review The Apostles' Creed, The Lord's Prayer

4. Poetry
a. Review first grade poems
b. learn new poems from FLL, The Harp and Laurel Wreath
c. learn three RLStevenson poems in French
d. character education readings for the year from The Book of Virtues

5. World and US Geography
a. Continents by land area size
b. Oceans by size
c. Points on compass
d. Informal state study: organize by regions, memorize state capitals as we learn about the state

6. Earth Science
a. Colors of the rainbow
b. Planets

7. Grammar
a. Eight parts of Speech poem
b. Definitions of terms in FLL
c. Memorized lists in FLL

8. Math (a cheat sheet for review)
a. concepts learned from Horizons 1
b. concepts to be memorized in Horizons 2
c. 0-100 Number Chart
d. Addition Number chart
e. Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division drill charts
f. Math literature chart- book list with math concepts covered in children's literature

9. French
a. outline of our studies (still being worked on)
b. French spiritual songs to learn (Teach Me French Spiritual Songs)
c. Prayers in French (still checking the accuracy of these)

10. Lesson Plans
a. Customized SOTW 2 with the year's read aloud list
b. Church history schedule
c. Classical Magic Year 1 schedule
d. Earth Science/Geography/Astronomy lessons

11. Still to add
a. Goals for the year in each subject
b. Overall homeschooling goals, encouragements for me to read
c. Possible field trips
d. Our 4 day daily routine with an alternative
e. Household/Chores routine
f. Meal Planning
g. Yearly calendar with proposed weeks off marked

One notebook for me to keep everything in it to navigate our year, no more planning, worrying, etc. We can just DO the NEXT THING! I have left room to write anything I wish in during the year and I feel good about this. #11 is going to be a work in progress as I pray about these matters and talk to dh.

UPDATE 2/2008: We have not followed this to a T but it has been very helpful, I am moving towards planning quarters of the year out instead of a whole year at a time so that I can address our journey much efficiently. This has been an excellent tool for me.



annett in ca said...

Looks great to me! I am beginning to plan for next year as well, first I need to plan for this summer. Question for you... How are you going to plan your meals (for the year, month, by the week)??? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I have to PLAN for next year too!!!??? You're so on top of things. I wanted to stop by and invite you over to my new blog. After being addicted to blogs like yours for over a year, I've finally taken the plunge myself. I'd love to see what you think, and give any advice!

Kathy D.

dna said...

Your planning is a reall inspiration and help to me. Even though we have different "classrooms" I have been able to get a better sense for how to plan and schedule from your blog. Thanks soooo much!
Andrea C.