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Friday, May 18, 2007

I want an assistant.

What weighs me down is the "clean up" portion of the day, so I want an assistant (said in a joking manner).

Job Description

1. Put books back on the shelves, in their proper place.
a. Create a card catalog system for the books, also organized by reading level, grade, subject.

2. File paperwork
a. Bills
b. Warranty information
c. Homeschool records, etc.

3. Laundry
a. Wash, dry, iron, put away, purge drawers quarterly- match the blasted socks!

4. Stock groceries

5. Be my clutter manager

If you had an assistant, what would you want them to do?



scarymelon said...

Ohh. This is almost as much fun as dreaming about having a million dollars. I would definitely want laundry done. And dinner made, hmm. two nights a week. Someone to buy fabulous clothing for me and lay it out every morning. I think I would settle for a housekeeper even if I couldn't get an assistant.

weinstock4jc said...

I consider our 7 y/o ds, 5 y/o ds, and 2 y/o dd to be our assistants. Every year they are able to do more and more. Thus far the oldest two are able to: Prepare simple breaksfasts and lunches;they can put books back on the shelves, in their proper place. They can put clothing in the washing machine and help me put it in the dryer. They can't reach all the way into the bottom of the washing machine yet so I fish it out for them. Next, I call them over one at a time to put away 1/3 of the laundry into the dryer until it's all put away. They can all put their laundry away in their drawers. They can put mom and dad's folded clothing away, as well. They can fold laundry too. Our 7 y/o can hang up all of their clothing. Our 5 y/o can hang up most of the children's clothing.
Our 5 and 7 y/os can sort socks and put them away. Only the 7 y/o can roll the socks together.

I don't know what stocking groceries is but they all know how to put groceries away and help out at the grocery store.

The 5 and 7 y/o take out recycle trash. They also dust furniture and vaccuum. Our 5 y/o vacuums better than our 7 y/o.

Our 7 y/o took care of all of them one day last month when I had a stomach virus. The only mistake he made was to throw away a large tub of yogurt. There was water sitting on top and he thought that meant it was spoiled. I was so sick and I had no idea that he even knew how to change a #2 diaper on his 2 y/o sister. He did it! And he gave her yogurt from an individual container for lunch! At 11:45 AM I heard him said, "R, it's 11:45. That means it's almost 12 noon. What do you want for lunch?" I thank God for my little assistants. I may not get as much school work done as others but I do use a little of our day each day to teach them how to take care of each other and how to take care of the home. To me, that's a part of homeschooling.

They also know they need to put in new trash bags when Dad takes out the old trash bag.

They know that many of these jobs will be their sole responsiblity one day.

Next on my agenda is to teach our 7 y/o ds how to iron simple laundry with supervision, of course.

In Christ,

Jean in Wisc said...

Laundry. I have 6 laundry baskets lined up along a wall. Not particularly pretty--but each person in the household has his own basket, and the 6th basket is for towels and misc. All I have to do is take the items from the dryer and toss them in the right basket. The kids put them away themselves.

No socks.

But then I think my kids are older than yours :-).


Anonymous said...

Oh I would just love it if someone else deal with meals. I mean I can cook I just don't like to do it. I'd actually rather do laundry then kitchen work. My dd is getting old enough to do some of this but not too much... she is only 12.

I don't mind dealing with school stuff. It's just hard when meals, laundry, and cleaning need to be dealt with before dh gets home. kwim?

But all is not glum here. Chore time for the kids really helps out. I assign about 15 min of chores after school for all three older kids ages 12yo dd, 11yo ds, and 7yo ds. Even the 2yo dd helps unload the car, put away groceries and bag up the grocery bags! I actually am blessed with a dh that enjoys cooking and is very good at it! ...That is when he has the time, energy, and willpower to do it! (although I usually stay in the kitchen to find things and clean up behind him) LOL

Kathie in VA

andie said...

LUNCH. LUNCH. JUST think up, make, serve and clean up after lunch. (Oh, I could think of more, that's fur sure, but this is my #1.)