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Saturday, June 28, 2008


Sigh. A bookcase collapsed yesterday morning as I was putting our books on it. I guess the Wal-Mart bookcases are not meant to be taken apart and re-assembled after a move. It's just a thing but this is a MAJOR set-back for setting up the learning room. I have so many books that need to be put away and until I can put them on a bookshelf, I won't know which ones will go into storage.

I also do not want to put anything on the walls until I have the books put away. Camille and I went shopping for bookcases yesterday and I think we've settled upon two unfinished wood bookcases 36" wide x 84" tall.

I'm also purging books again. I've also made the very hard decision to stop using for a while and donate all of the books to the library. Although I will still be buying books for Tapestry, I just cannot have any temptations for 'other' books, we have a wonderful home science library right now and plenty of books to read. I just don't have room for everything plus I want to tighten up our budget. I'm saddened by this but I think it's a prudent decision given that we're living in a smaller house right now.

The falling bookcase also severely damaged one of the children's chairs so I need to replace those as well. I'm very upset about all of this, I'm the bargain-hunting queen and my bargains have been destroyed. I want to replace their chairs with folding ones, I'm just not sure whether to get wooden folding chairs which would look nice but may get damaged more easily or get two plastic ones like these. I want folding chairs so we can store them away if we want.

I'm also at a stand-still with the learning room which is a major hub in our home that has been sorely missed for the last month or so. I've sincerely considered just getting concrete blocks and planks of wood, lol. I can't do that b/c of 4 year old Danny due to safety issues. I wish I had someone to come over and help me configure our learning room, making sure I'm using the space in an optimal way because I have a computer desk that is 59" wide now and I can't figure out how to place it in the space. This is what I have now, and yes, I used a couch to represent my desk. If you consider what 3 feet actually is, it isn't much space. The two white squares in the walls are windows and above the 2 shelf bookcase is the dry erase board. At least where I think I should put it. The tv has to be on the wall it is because that is where the cable connection is.

Today my goal is to unpack all of my clothes and bathroom items while enjoying home-improvement shows. I'll also work on the pantry if I get a chance. I cannot stand visual clutter and I'm impatient right now to get into a normal routine that doesn't involve unpacking or organizing stuff. I'm a little frustrated and a bit overwhelmed. Happy nonetheless but still overwhelmed.

I hope to post pictures soon.



Anita Ann said...

We had a similar dilemma about chairs. We ended up with ugly metal ones because they are non-porous.

my5wolfcubs said...

How did you make the little room layout? And where is the door to the room?

I can't believe you lost all those bookcases! :(


Trivium Academy said...

The door is in the bottom left corner, it is almost flush with the bi-fold closet which is a bump out. I didn't want to make it more difficult to create the layout of the room, esp. with space I can't really use so I just squared it off.

I did the room layout here

I think the desk is best where it is, I'm just not sure.

Sheryl said...

I'm right behind you on the moving and reorganizing. We move in two days. I'll finally have a school room so I am excited but I know the next couple of weeks will be crazy. Good luck with all of the unpacking.
Sheryl in GA

lisa said...

Don't you just hate that? I'm so sorry, I know organizing is so important for peace of mind so I pray you get those up soon. I don't know if there is a Costco in Georgia, but we got an awesome sturdy bookcase there that fit all of our school books and more, and we also got great folding chairs that are very sturdy and take the beating of craft time, play time, dinner time... all kinds of things we've been able to use them for. Very inexpensive as well... good luck!

Anonymous said...

We have similar plastic folding chairs for our church. We purchased them at Sam's Club. They are very comfortable and durable...they are folded and stacked multiple times during the week and still look great. We have had them for almost 2 years.

Nancy in CA