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Sunday, June 29, 2008

He wants a beach theme

I can't talk much about homeschool right now but I can share the current quests I have been on. In our master bedroom, we have the standard beige walls that comes with new construction and I've dressed the bed with ice blue sheets with a natural/ecru blanket bedspread. Our bed is a mahogany sleigh bed sort of like the one pictured.

As soon as I figure out how to connect my camera correctly to the computer, I'll provide pictures because the furniture is actually very pretty and provides the chocolate brown color I wanted for the bedroom which is why I went with just blue and a natural color on the bed. Here's the accent rugs I've put on both sides of the bed.
And the one accent pillow on the bed as you can see matches the rugs wonderfully. I have hung cream drapes on the windows to keep the space feeling light and airy. The only thing left in this room is to find artwork for the walls.

When I was pulling all these color combinations together, the blue, creams and browns...dh mentioned that it reminded him of the beach. I thought that was a great thing, the beach is a relaxing place, which is exactly the feeling I wanted for the bedroom. Somehow that conversation sealed it in dh's mind that we should have beach themed art in our bedroom. Specifically the marsh since we have a lot of local marshland.

In a way to escape the unpacking of the house, Camille and I went out Saturday to look for new bookcases and I searched for bedroom art at all the major department stores in the Savannah area. We went to Linens and Things, The World Market, JC Penney, Sears, Michael's Art, Home Goods, Belk, Macy's and many more looking at all the art pieces that were available. I'll tell you one thing, if you want artwork of shells- go to Home Goods or a store like it, stay away from the big department stores. Similar prints had a difference of $50 between the stores.

I didn't find anything that captured the essence of relaxation I wanted for our room without making it look kitschy. At one time I would have decorated a nautical themed room with obvious items but now that I've matured in my tastes, I do not want a "Welcome to the Beach" sign hanging in my room. Lol, oh if I could just show you the things that dh has pointed out to me that have made me cringe! He thinks that we need a ship wheel clock and oars on the wall. At one time I would have agreed but not now, thankfully.

I have finally found the prints I want to add to the bedroom, by a favorite local artist so that is a bonus in my book. These will satisfy dh's desire for marsh and my desire for a relaxed but elegant room.

Catboat Through the Marsh by Ray Ellis

Dusk at Tower Hill by Ray Ellis

My only concern is that the bottom one has more blues and greens than the top one online but viewing them through different websites shows that the colors may be more similar than not. See the color differences between the two web images? Of course the bottom one with the muted colors complements the Catboat Through the Marsh print better. I personally think the bottom one is most color accurate due to how the overall piece looks, the reflection in the water is clearer and the bank looks more realistic.

I'm going to visit the Ray Ellis Gallery in downtown Savannah to find out if they are the right colors before buying them. Which is sort of laughable, I may have to save for these if I want them professionally framed.



Jennefer said...


Those prints are lovely! And I too love that they are by a local artist.

I Googled to see if they have a Michael's store in Savannah and they do! A few times a year they have special sales for 50% off your entire framing order. I have used them to frame some really large pieces and been very happy. They run another sale much more often for 50% of frame only. If you can wait for the 50% off entire order the savings really add up! :) I also have used Aaron Brothers (also owned my Michaels but a little more upscale even) and been very happy with their work. There are a few stores in GA but none in Savannah. Just another idea!

Can't wait to see the final photos. It is going to look amazing! :)


Jennefer said...

That should say, "50% off frame only." Sorry about that.


Angela said...

I love those prints! I may steal your theme or parts of it because I'm looking for a bedroom rehab. Mine feels too dark at the moment and while I guess that's good (since it's for sleeping and all) I'd rather it be a sanctuary that's airy and relaxing. I am so not the decorator though. You've done a great job. Can't wait to see the pics!

my5wolfcubs said...

I think you need both! You have 4 walls, right?? :) I have 0 pictures on my walls, so I shouldn't talk.

Angela said...

Glad you are into your home! I am very excited for you! Funny- we nearly have the same bed! But I agree, the dust builds up :) Good to hear everything is working out!

Lea said...

One thing that we did that really worked out nicely was to pick out three of our best pictures of glaciers from our honeymoon in New Zealand, have them printed on canvas and stretched onto canvas board. It came out absolutely beautiful and the cost was pretty reasonable.

I already had some artwork in the living room and was looking for something a little different and unusual to put above our large couch. Since I picked three sceneries and the artwork above the fireplace was also a scenery, I wanted it to have a different look, so I thought of the canvas thing and found a place to do it. Everyone who comes into our house always comments on it.

Those prints are beautiful and very serene looking.

Waterside Living said...

I love Ray Ellis! Those prints will look terrific in your bedroom. Quick story -- dh and I spent our 10th anniversary in Savannah, and a friend of a friend loaned us her home for the weekend. Turns out, she lives right on the river, she works in the Ray Ellis gallery, and he had actually painted a print of an outdoor party in that very backyard. That sweet woman gave us a signed book of his, which contained a photo of that print. Talk about a great souvenir!