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Monday, June 23, 2008

The First Week

It seems like a looong time ago since I last posted. We're in our new home after moving last Tuesday, which to me feels like 2-3 weeks ago with all that has been going on. After church yesterday I finally got to work on building my desk which I had received for my birthday but we had decided to keep it in its box until after we moved.

Looks nice huh? It took me 4-5 hours to put together, I put the rollers to the lap tray on wrong at least 3 times. Lol. I was reading the instructions and all the bits and pieces around me, among boxes of books. Our new learning room right now consists of this desk and boxes. My goal today is to figure out the layout of this room and get the bookcases up. We lost two bookcases in the move. The hard part is figuring out how to configure the room to maximize the space and storage. I've got to get it done though because we need to get back on our lessons. Today Camille will be reading, doing her multiplication copywork and a lesson or two in Primary Language Lessons.

I haven't taken pictures of the new house yet because my camera's charging dock wasn't hooked up until last night and I want to take "final" pictures without the ambiance of moving boxes. I have 6 boxes so far of items that will be going to Goodwill.

Our house is 1/2 the size of the one we have moved from but it's nicer. We have met our next door neighbors, both families with younger kids. Our backyard has a slat-privacy fence, in which the kids have met the neighboring kids at and played with through the fence. One neighbor mom came over, rang the doorbell and said, "We received an invitation through the fence to come over and play. Is it all right?" Lol, of course it is!

The kids are happy, Camille is thrilled, her dad is a 15 minute drive away. Danny has asked when we're going to go home twice now but thankfully when we approached the entrance to our neighborhood yesterday after church, he said, "we're home!"

I have been working non-stop on this house since we moved in. I did take a break though, since we're closer to family the kids went away for a night. Camille went with her dad and Danny went to spend the night with his Poppa (Dh's dad) which allowed dh and I to have a date night. I'm sure we've gone out before in the last 4 years but this was the first time it really felt like a date night. Both dh and I are happier overall, Savannah is home and our moods have lifted considerably. We went downtown had dinner, walked a little and went to see...

From the creators of the hit shows Lost in the 50's and Jukebox Journey comes this new hit musical that covers all of your favorite songs from the 60's, 70's and 80's! From beach blankets to the BeeGees, it's three decades of Big Hair and Big Fun!

It was a wonderful night just with dh, we really enjoyed ourselves. Of course the trade-off was allowing Danny to go with his over-indulgent Poppa but we feel it was worth it although we're still battling the "gimme-gimmes" with Danny 3 days later. I can't wait to go visit my parents and see their new kitchen, they've been under construction for the last 4-5 months, expanding the back of their home. The visit will have to wait until August, I want them to have a chance to enjoy it before I descend with the kids, plus I want to establish a few routines here before leaving.

Okay, back to work for me- I have boxes to unpack and bookshelves to build. Hopefully we'll be able to do a weekly report this week, complete with new pictures of our home.



barrellfullofmonkeys said...

Yippee you're back!! I must say, I don't envy your days unpacking ;) To loose two bookcases in the move! Ouch! How nice, though, to already have neighbor friends and to be close to family. We really miss being close to family, and our neighborhood doesn't have many playmates. Can we come move by you?! Okay, wait, I'm wimpy about the Georgia heat, never mind!

Looking forward to seeing pictures once you're unpacked. Welcome home!!

Kathy D.

Dawn said...

Jessica! I was just thinking of you last night and wondering how you were. It sounds like this move is going to be such a blessing to all of you in so many ways. I'm so happy for you. Praying for "oomph" for you to push through and finish, so you can truly relax and enjoy your new home.


TolleLegeAcademy said...

I'm glad you are back and all is going well! I was excited to see a post in my email this a.m. We spent part of our honeymoon in Savannah and part in Charleston, and we had the best time. It's beautiful there. ENJOY being home.

G said...

I love reading/seeing how happy you sound! Unpacking is an awful lot of work, but it sounds like you've found a great new home. Good luck & best wishes on settling in quickly!

Anonymous said...

Glad you are back! I kept checking--missed your posting!!

God is good.

she who must be obeyed said...

ohh, so jealous, Savannah! We love where we live, but vacationed on Tybee Island a few years back and I told my husband if we were ever going to relocate, it had to be Savannah! Of course, I don't know if he could handle the heat and humidity (though we survived 8 years in Memphis long ago :) It is the only city I have visited and left wishing I lived there! We are hoping to return for a vaction next year. The food was so good, I remember Saffire restaurant, and Tango's were my top favorites. Glad to see you are beginning to settle in, good luck with the next week or so! St. Theophan Academy

my5wolfcubs said...

You're home!!! I've been checking and checking for a post! Glad you've arrived, are settling in, enjoying time w/ dh and meeting the neighbors...
PS It has been a looong time since you posted. You've been missed. :)

Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

Welcome home!

I hope this place will soon be filled with memories and all the things that make a house a home. :)

Mom2legomaniacs said...

YAH! Very happy to see you again. I have been thinking about you and hoping you are getting settled nicely.

We had a Leadership Council meeting Sunday night. The lay delegate to conference came in to speak of her experiences at Junalaska and was in awe of Bishop Swanson's speaking. We have secured him to come to speak in early Dec.! I will be there for that one for sure. I was thinking of you while she was talking about conference and Bishop S.


Audrey said...

Welcome back! :)