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Friday, January 11, 2008

Weekly Report-TOG2, Wk7

I don't have a clue what # week we're on, we started in July '07 and since then we've switched history programs which has increased our year significantly. This weekly report is about TOG's Year 2 Unit 1, Week 7 but before using TOG we were using SOTW so by SOTW's chapters we're in week 19-20. Lol. We do have 29 weeks still to go but again that is because we switched from using SOTW alone to using TOG, TOG covers more in TOG2 than SOTW2 does. Sigh. I guess I'll put the TOG week we're on even though our lesson have been ongoing much longer than where we are in TOG.

We were at my parents' house this week, taking care of my mom after her surgery which did affect our lessons. We didn't do Bible, Exercise or French while we were gone. Spelling Workout is being replaced with Explode the Code.

The week of Dec 31- Jan 4 we studied the High Middle Ages which includes the Crusades and St. Francis, in science we studied Deserts and in poetry, we memorized, "I Heard A Bird Sing". I only took two pictures because my camera batteries where running down and I have a lot to do here at home, now that we're finally back after being gone (Dec. 24-Jan 9th).

In history, we mapped out the first 3 Crusades, talked about how leaders grew more in worldly power and how the Crusades changed medieval society. Camille read "Minstrel in the Tower" aloud and "The Crusades" by Miriam Moses. Camille also created a Coat of Arms this week which she wanted the same design of her tunic above, so it's just a duplicate of the cross and lines. We continued reading about castles per Camille's interest. I read aloud, "A Gift from St. Francis" by Joanna Cole which was about how St. Francis gave us the gift of the Christmas manger scene.

In science we learned about Deserts and this is a picture of our experiment to illustrate how sand dunes are made. We have eliminated reading living books in science outside of books we have at home to shorten our day and our dependency on our unreliable library system. If the library doesn't have the book in house, I'm no longer going to wait 8-10 weeks for a specific title to come in.

In poetry, Camille memorized "I Heard a Bird Sing" by Oliver Herford.

I heard a bird sing,
In the dark of December,
A magical thing,
And sweet to remember.

We are nearer to Spring,
Than we were in September,
I heard a bird sing,
In the dark of December.

We identified the end rhyming words: sing, thing, Spring, sing and December, remember, September, December. She memorized this poem in a week instead of the two weeks I expected it to take so we reviewed all of the poems we have previously memorized in addition to reciting "I Heard a Bird Sing" 3x daily.

It was a good week and very interesting for my mom to witness us in action. I'll post about Week 8 in the next couple of days as we finish our work. I have to go back to my post of "Put this note on my forehead" and figure out what I was thinking before Christmas hit. I know I have some work to do on my end like creating Memory CDs, not to mention taking down OUR Christmas tree and decorations. Can I have a vacation from my vacation? Lol.



Jennefer said...

Welcome home and I can't wait to read more about TOG and all you guys are well as hearing about Danny's adventures, too! Best of luck getting all caught up after being gone so long. I know you'll feel so great after all that is done. :)


Tina said...

It is great seeing your recap of TOG for the younger ages. :o) I am looking forward to seeing more.

We are taking our tree down today. I was sick for a week + and didn't have energy to do anything. When the tree goes up, help is abound. But when it comes time to take it down, everyone scatters. :o)

Welcome Home! :o)


jmj403 said...


I am back to blogging again after a much needed break. I love Camille's crusader tunic! She looks like she loves it too! We are STILL on SOTW volume 1 because we take too many sidetrips! : )

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
It's been a while. Welcome back!

my5wolfcubs said...

Love that poem! I'm going to send it to my sister who living in Iowa (and loves birds!).

The desert dunes is very cool! I live in a desert but tend not to spend much time appreciating it. :) Did you use sugar or salt?

Have you done heraldry yet? I have a few good links for that if you need some!

Welcome home!

PS Completely understand needing a vacation!

Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

Welcome home! Looks like a great week. Love the tunic and sand dunes. Such great ideas!

mom24 said...

Sounds like you're getting back into the swing of things! We just finished our 1st complete week back and it felt good to get lessons accomplished.
Hey - why are you moving to Explode the Code instead of Spelling Workout? We just finished SWA (1st grade) but I don't feel like Jason learned much from it.

LisaWA said...

Welcome home Jessica! I bet it feels good to be home and Danny happy to see momma!

We went to the science center on Tuesday and they had a make a dune simulator with a fan. I like Camille’s wind power version better. Easier to use…..

TOG sounds like its flowing great! No fog even! You go girl! I can’t tell you how happy I am that its working out so well. Awesome!

Happy Saturday.


Anonymous said...

My name is Clay and we are a Navy family embarking on TOG for the first time. We have the DE version, year 1. My wife has had an awful time trying to find daily lesson plans to ease the burden of planning our 5 kids' weekly activities. Your site is quite impressive, and it looks like you've quite got your act together. If you have TOG Year 1 daily lesson plans that you would be willing to share to help us in getting our kids' education going this year, we would greatly appreciate it. You can send them to Thank you!


Clay Davis