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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Japan Links & Culture Study Ideas
The virtual culture feature here is wonderful, including allowing kids to create a kimono among other items.

Downloads to print and more links

Free pages to print, including projects

I went to World Market today (thank goodness I'm in Charleston!) and picked up a few things to liven up our Japan study b/c we're not at home with all our art supplies. Some of them are from China but since we're studying about Ghengis Khan, Marco Polo and Japan- I picked up chopsticks, a paper lattern, Chinese animal zodiac wall-hanging (look for pictures after next weekend when we'll be at home) and a few other small things.

I found a journal that had a Hinduism god on it and thought that it would be neat to have a journal for each major country we studied. I get ideas like this all the time but the point would to create an India journal and write down all that we learn about India through the years. The same for whatever countries we would pick. I decided that I also want to collect trinkets or inexpensive items that reflect the culture of the countries we'll be studying.

I think that since I'm starting this now in 2nd grade, we'll have fabulous items for future studies. Of course availablity and cost is a factor but I spent $20 today on items we'll see each time we visit Japan & China in our studies.

Anyways, I just decided to share this since I'm the wierd one in my little world that gets excited about this stuff.



CookieMonster said...

I completely identify! I love picking up things like this. It's a constant urge, now that I live in suburbia, to buy this that and the other thing to complement our studies. There is so much cool stuff out there!

And you're right. No one else around me gets it.

my5wolfcubs said...

This is stuff to get excited about! :) I'm going to bookmark the links you shared, Japan is a fascinating place!

An India movie for you (and possibly kids, depending on what you let them watch) is Lagaan.

Hope all is going well for you & yours!