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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I'm in love.

After two weeks of following Tapestry of Grace's curriculum- I'm in love. The connections are happening, everything is flowing so much smoother than it was when I was using SOTW alone. I'm still using SOTW as our spine but in the TOG framework b/c the Redesigned Years have SOTW scheduled.

I'm not at home so I can't share photos yet but Camille and I created a Crusader's tunic (white pillowcase with a red cross) and this week has been wonderful! We're at my parents' house because my mom had surgery and I'm here taking care of her. Danny is at home with dh and although I miss them terribly, I appreciate this time with Camille and my parents. Jack is having a BLAST with my parents' german shepherd.

I took some Christmas money (both gifted and saved) and bought a good many books from Tapestry with the Share & Save program they have. The Share & Save program allows you to get a percentage back of what you pay them and with my saved up payout I was able to order the Map Aids Year 2 (maps CD) and Homeschool School in the Woods Timeline Figures on CD for free! I'm very thrilled. I can't very well jump up and down here at my parents' house without raising a few eyebrows but I'm really starting to feel like I have it together.

I just have this deep satisfaction about we're our journey is headed with TOG. I can see the road ahead and the studies that are still to be and I'm exhilarated. I'm keeping it simple enough for Camille at this time AND I'm learning tons about what we're studying. The book selections are wonderful and I really can't wait to get home to pour over all the new books that have been delivered.

I'm excited again about history and I love how I can still do 'my' thing within a framework that gives me security and peace of mind. This may sound silly but I feel like a real teacher now. That isn't to say that I treat our lessons as if we're in a schoolroom- I just mean that I feel like I know what I'm doing now more than I have in the past.

We've also got Explode the Code at our house awaiting our arrival. For the time being, we're going to solidify Camille's phonics learning and drop Spelling Workout C for a while. She told me that she wants to enjoy reading but it is hard for her because she has to take the time to understand the words she's reading more so than being able to be in the story. I've read enough books about teaching reading to know we need to stop where we are and work on her phonics and fluency skills.

I told my mom that I finally feel like I have a plan that I won't have to change for a while and that we can just ride the wave until the next school year when there will be new topics and curriculum to explore. I've got my enthusiasm back, full-speed ahead and instead of trying to figure out different ways to do simple things- I've got my head on straight.

I'm in love with Tapestry of Grace, homeschooling in general and I've fallen in love with learning & teaching all over again. We started multiplication in math today and Camille did wonderful! Life is good, God is great and everyone who has been so encouraging to me....THANK YOU! Other homeschoolers have been the best blessing of having this blog and sharing our journey, I've only grown so much because of you.



Mom2legomaniacs said...


That is so exciting! FInding the path you are meant for and the things you need to use on that path -- just a wonderful convergence, isn't it!

I haven't jumped on TOG yet. I am in the admiring from afar stage -- not ready to commit. I do feel that in a couple of years I might be ready for it. It simply isn't my time now. I have too many other things to figure out (and I am a slow learner sometimes!).

Happy New Year!

Amanda said...

What a great way to start the new year with a renewed passion in your homeschooling. I will be ordering TOG in a few weeks and I hope I have the same experience.

Happy New Year!!

Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

Oh Jessica - Your enthusiasm is contagious! I'm so very happy for you. It sounds like you've found your niche.

Here's hoping that 2008 is the best one yet!


Jennefer said...

I was waiting for this post and knew it would come sooner rather than later. With your passion, love of learning and amazing gift of research and teaching it was just a matter of time. I am so happy for you, Jessica!

I look forward to learning more about TOG though your journey. I plan to begin using it when we start fifth grade. :)


LisaWA said...

Whoop! Whoop! Hands in the air!! lol What a great post Jessica! I was excited right along with you! Still am!

I am so glad to hear how smoothly things are going w/ TOG! It is good for little people too! Not just logic and Rhetoric! *Ü*

I can’t wait to read future posts on this!

Happy Togging!


Mama to 3 all-boy boys said...

Glad it is working for you! I absolutely love TOG and can't wait to use it, either in 4th or 5th grade. I tried it for 1st grade, but for my family in the season we were in (33 weeks pregnant until baby was 8 weeks), it was just too much to wrap by homone-satuarted brain around.

They hadn't done the revision, yet, either, and I am pretty sure I would've been more successful with the revised TOG, so I am looking forward to using it when the time comes.

Enjoy 2008!

Laura - Mom to 3+1 said...


I am encouraged by your enthusiam! I tried TOG this year, and found it to be too overwhelming to implement. We are just starting our homeschool journey and I think the transition home (they were ps last year) and my strong need to "catch them up" from getting behind in 1st grade, has gotten in the way of many things this year. I am looking again at TOG for the second half of this year and year 2 for next year. Thanks for sharing your triumphs and struggles! Laura

Anonymous said...

I KNEW you'd love it once you got into it. And believe me, or not, you will be even more in love when Danny is really "doing school."

my5wolfcubs said...

Now you've got me even more excited about starting back to TOG on Monday after our long break. I've learned so much just from the planning. :)
PS I still don't feel like a real teacher.

Stacy said...

Hi Jessica,
I'm so happy to read about how much you are enjoying homeschooling! How wonderful!

Tapestry of Grace sounds great.