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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Weekly Report- TOG2, week 9

We've had a good week, very good!

StoryKeepers DVDs are a hit, but Camille wants to keep watching the 'next' one to know what is going to happen. I'm switching back to using Explorer's Beginnings II as our daily Bible lesson so the kids can fully enjoy the StoryKeepers on their own.

We're making progress! Camille is reading Black Beauty (Stepping Stones, chapter book) and she's getting comfortable with books that have smaller words and less space in-between the lines. Just this alone has been a hurdle! She read and loved The Magic Finger but I couldn't get her to read any other Dahl book because of the format. We are 3 chapters from finishing The Door in the Wall and I'm not sure yet what we'll read aloud next. The Door in the Wall has been a challenge reading aloud but very rewarding.

It has been a light week of reading, coloring and mapwork. But it's been GOOD. The lower grammar selections are really working for us and dh is completely on-board about buying history books instead of using the library. United Streaming was a great help this week, we watched Animated Heroes- Joan of Arc.

We combined Rainforests and Grasslands this week to compare them, watched a few United Streaming videos.

Our new poem to be memorized is The Night by Myra Cohn Livingston (on the right sidebar with audio), and we discussed what 'lace' pictures on the wall meant. My brilliant little girl said, "there must be lace curtains on the window and the moonlight shines on them to create shadows on the wall," of course I was thinking that the moon shines through the trees and that's what the child in the poem thinks looks like lace but no, my daughter is becoming smarter than me.

We're spending much more time doing language arts than any other subject during the day, really reading and poetry fall under this category too. I'm adding Spelling Workout C back into our day if Camille doesn't revolt, I think if she does it in smaller chunks, it won't be a big deal to her.

This is what we're doing within a week:
- 2 pages a day of Grammar, Mechanics and Usage Grade 2, the focus right now is commas.
- 1 lesson a week in Explode the Code 5
- 1 page of Comprehension Quickies a week
- 1 book report from How to Report on Books Grades 1-2
- poetry memorization
- daily independent reading & reading aloud, 1 hour approx. a day if you count shared reading, 2 hrs./day
- copywork 1x a week (I'm decreasing this from 2x a week)
- I want to add: SWO C back in and journal writing with SWO's prompts

Camille loves multiplication, Whew! Her math facts have solidified and she has confidence now where before she was easily frustrated. How much time spent doing math is a whole other ballgame but mostly it's my fault for not sticking to my duties.

We visited one of our homeschooling friends this week and it was great- Camille just hopped on a bike and rode without training wheels! This is HUGE, she's been afraid and timid about riding without training wheels and we haven't pushed her. She just hopped on the bike and took off! She spent about 2 hours riding around in circles, lol.

Danny's potty training is going well, he's speaking better too.

I want Danny to have a better start than Camille did so I've been looking at phonics programs and I think I have his PreK and K years figured out.

PreK- Horizons Preschool and tons of reading aloud
K - Sing, Spell, Read & Write K/1 Combo, Galloping the Globe, Horizons Math K, D'Nealian workbook, Leading Little Ones to God

then he will join us in the TOG journey in 1st grade and start TOG1 in lower grammar with Camille in TOG1 Upper Grammar/Dialectic.



Daisy said...

You are probably already aware of this book but "The Sword in the Tree" by Clyde Robert Bulla is a great little chapter book and fits into the medieval time period. Reading level is 2.2 and it is about a little boy who had to go on a journey to King Arthur in order to win back his land and title.

LisaWA said...

Great week Jessica! You all accomplished a lot! I am so happy TOG is working and you love it so much! Seriously!


Sharon said...

Hi Jessica. This post is exactly why I would like to award you with the "Blogging with a purpose" award. You can read about it in my post at Thanks for giving so many insights into your homeschooling journey so that others like me can learn from you.

Sheryl said...


I have used Sing Spell Read Write with my dd..I used the K in preK and the 1st grade part with her in K. I have had great success with the program other thanhaving to lighten the writing load so as not to hold her back in reading. My ds3 is now working on the letter coloring and pasting pages from the Kindergarten part and is singing the songs and playing ABC bingo. Its a fun program that seems to teach in a logical progression. Hope you like it.

Sheryl at Hazelnut Academy

Melora said...

Your new header is lovely!
The cookie map, where Danny ate part of Japan, just made me laugh. My kids would love that one.
I tried TOG a couple years ago, when my oldest was seven and my younger one was three, and it overwhelmed me. I just bought the Redesign, though, and am getting ready to try it again next year, when I will have a 5th grader and a 1st grader. Your posts, with all the fun activities and projects, are very inspiring.