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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Using TOG Year 2

This is the planning/weekly overview page I created for myself using TOG. Is this needed? No, but it's me so this is what *I* do. I've decided to make one of these for each week, planning one unit at a time. We're having a ball this week and I can say that I'm enjoying this much more than just using SOTW, I think it's the teacher preparation part or maybe it's the long break we've taken. Whatever it is, I'm all geared up again, including getting ready for next year (third grade).

Monday we read SOTW2 about feudalism and focused only on that-we compared serfs and lords and what type of lives they led. We discussed how the feudal system works and watched United Streaming videos. Discussing fedualism first provided an excellent introduction to castles which we studied on Tuesday (yesterday).

We're making this castle model and hope to be finished with it today after we study about knights so we can PLAY! Both of the kids are loving this and with Saturday being our Christmas day here at home, it will be a perfect time for them to receive their Playmobil castle as a Christmas gift.

Camille is reading Stephanie Turnbull's book on Knights aloud, and our days are going very well. The only thing we've neglected is french. Sigh.

I'm enjoying The Story of the Middle Ages by Harding as well as Famous Men of the Middle Ages which is scheduled in TOG but I decided to keep this week light so I'm not reading them to Camille just yet. I'm still working out what we will do within TOG's framework, what topics I feel Camille is ready for and how to approach them. The Veritas Press history cards are providing great little summaries on the people we may not be meeting in-depth at this point.

All in all, I'm very happy with the switch to TOG, I think it is EXACTLY what I needed. Another thing different we've done is use Dover and Bellerophon coloring books instead of SOTW2's student pages, it seems to bring the topics alive more for my visual learner. ***If you want a blank version of the planner page, here's the PDF file.

Pictures I've promised....



Anonymous said...

oooh . . . I love the look of these planner pages! I'm off to order me some!

By the way, we will be starting SOTW2 in January, so please keep sharing your project ideas/product reviews--I LOVE those, and check your site before each history lesson!

KarenDV said...

Yes, please, to the PDF! Thanks,

SGM at said...

I have been thinking of incorporating TOG so I have been following your thoughts on it, so your PDF I would like. :)

LisaWA said...

Jessica! Whoohoo on your week! I’m very excited for you my dear!! The pictures are great! Love the one of Camille in the chair... my kind a school *Ü* and your dog! Oh man! He’s a doll!!! The close up one made me want to rub his ears!

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!


PS. I love your plan page for TOG. It looks like something that would already be a part of TOG! Professional!