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Monday, December 3, 2007

A Memory CD

Danny gets time alone in his room everyday but I haven't been doing the same for Camille. Having Camille take independent time will help me be able to focus on Danny for a period of time so I will stagger their "room" time to make one-on-one time possible. When I give Camille schoolwork to do she needs me still so this interrupts the time with Danny, which isn't helpful in keeping him on task for longer than 30 seconds.

My solution? A memory CD that Camille is to listen to each day in her room. Once the CD is done, her independent time is over and if it ends too soon, I'll have her read a chapter of the book she is currently reading after the CD.

What is on the CD?

  1. Grammar songs/chants from First Language Lessons audio CD
  2. Poems she has memorized from First Language Lessons
  3. -I need record other poems that she's memorized that aren't available as audio-
  4. Skip counting songs for 6's, 7's, 8's and 9's
  5. Themes to Remember songs with lyrics and without
  6. Books of the Bible memory songs (Old Testament and New Testament)
  7. French ABCs and counting to 20

She's not an audiobook child unless she's able to read along with the audio. Other items I want to add are memorization pieces I've chosen for the year for science and history. I need to record the Veritas Press History card titles for the Medieval period because we cannot stand the way it is sung on the VP cd.

I think this will be a great tool to help me accomplish our goals while teaching two children. Listening everyday will soak in, right??? Lol. I need to make one for Danny as well with Bible songs, ABCs and other preschool songs about colors, shapes, etc.

Check out Mindy's memory cd post:
And more on digital voice recorders, you WILL be tempted.



Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica! Great blog - I never comment, but I wanted to ask you a question today. How are you recording these CD's? I like this idea and am thinking about using it with my 4. Their rest time is becoming more work than it's worth.
Angie - homeschooler in Athens

Trivium Academy said...

It is a combination of using the CDs we already have and recording on my computer with Audacity (a free software program you can download).

I use iTunes and burn the CD from it.

I hope this helps,
Jessica ;)

Jennifer in Va said...

Hi Jessica,
Great blog! We do room time as well, it saves my sanity some days! I have my kids listen to a memory work CD from classical conversations,(, if you're interested, follow the links for "Foundations.") it has memory work for history, latin grammar, english grammar, geography, science and math. And we memorize the VP cards too. I love those! Once they get those down, I want to add in their bible timeline cards. I'm always interested to know what other people use as memory work. And I love your advent daily chain calender as well. Great idea, thanks for sharing!
Jennifer in Virginia

Jennifer@DoingTheNextThing said...

That's a great idea! I used to do that for my "big 3" (13, 11, 8) when they were small, but I've forgotten about it. I called it the "Mommy/Daddy" tape, because my Sweetie and I would record our voices reciting things like the Apostles Creed, the ABC song, and Bible verses. Thanks for the reminder that I need to find a way to do this for my "littles" (3 and 18mo) - I need to find that software! Great blog! Blessings,

my5wolfcubs said...

I've always meant to make such a thing...ever since I had only one child and read about "Room Time w/ a Mommy & Daddy tape" like the previous comment! :) Let us know how it turns out!
PS I fully understand about interruptions/gettin off task.