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Friday, December 7, 2007

Life Report

We're doing light school right now and preschool, I haven't had time (translation: I haven't wanted to) sit down and organize our homeschooling stuff, I have ideas of what I want to do but the actual organization of it hasn't happened. Meanwhile, we're doing what we feel led to do each do in combination of cleaning house, baking, reading Advent/Christmas books and watching Christmas movies.

This weekend alone: Camille has her first piano recital, we have two Christmas parties to attend plus regular church services. Then next week, Camille and I are having a "Girls' Night Out" and we're going to see The Year with Frog and Toad at a semi-local theatre. Next weekend is our Open House which I'm baking and cleaning for. I can't wait to take Camille to see the play, I really want to do something like that with her once a month, just her and I.

Jack, our puppy, is doing fine but I think I'm going to put him in the kennel for Christmas instead of dragging him all over creation with all the hoopla. My mom has to have surgery right after Christmas, plus their house is about to undergo construction, stress-stress-stress. I don't think we'll be visiting for very long.

I'm done with Christmas shopping. Now, there's the lull between being done and waiting for everything to happen. Can I just take a nap until then? The weatherman said we're headed for a warm weekend, meanwhile I'm reading about others having snow. I love snow. I miss the North.



me :) said...

My kids and I went to see A Year with Frog and Toad a couple of years ago - it was WONDERFUL. I ended up buying the cd from the Broadway version and we listened to it for a year. Have a great time!!!!

Sheryl said...

Please let me know how the play goes. It is coming to the Legacy Theatre near Atlanta this summer and I hope to go.

Sheryl in GA