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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Rearranging Our Day

Beginnings II: Jesus, My Shepherd
Music Appreciation
Spelling Workout C
First Language Lessons
FLL replaced with Mechanics, Grammar & Usage
Handwriting & Copywork
Poetry Memorization
Our French
Horizons Math 2
Daily Mental Math Gr2
SOTW 2 Tailored Lessons
Earth | Space | Geography Science
Independent Reading
Private Piano Lessons

We've been doing our lessons in the order listed and I'm changing it to refresh our days and see how things go. Certain items I'm either integrating or eliminating to lighten our days to focus on the 3 R's.

6:30-7:30 Chores, Breakfast & Exercise
8:00 Math
~ break if work is done efficiently ~
9:00 History (Danny's room time)
9:30 Science
~ 30 min recess ~

10:30 Recite Poem (10 min), Spelling Workout (30 min), Grammar (20 min)
11:30 French
12:00 Lunch & Bible
12:30 Preschool with Danny
12:30 Memory CD for Camille and 30 min of independent reading
*15-20 minutes of piano practice daily

Music appreciation will be on her memory cd and I'm going to play the composer she is listening to throughout the day. Explorer's Bible study is being replaced with Storykeeper DVDs after Christmas, we will be using this resource for the week so that we watch the DVD at the end of the week. I feel this is the best way to include Danny for Bible because he doesn't show any interest in Bible story books right now and I don't want to split time with them. I prefer they understand that the Storykeeper DVDs have a lesson and Bible story behind them, they are not just cartoon movies to enjoy mindlessly.

I'm also experimenting with having history and science each day instead of breaking it up- I'll probably go back to alternating days but I want to see how our morning flows having both. If we take it out then that frees up 30 minutes each day.

After church today I'll be planning out our week as well as planning the week after Christmas because I need to gather items to take with us. My mom is having surgery on Dec. 28th and Camille & I are staying to help my parents while she heals. Danny will be spending time with dh at home, school doesn't start back for him until Jan 14th.

I'm so ready to get back to school!


1 comment:

my5wolfcubs said...

I'm starting to get the "back to school" eagerness myself. :) Jan 14th is when your dh starts school again, right? When are you actually planning to start? My dh goes back to work Thurs, Jan 3rd and I can't decide if we should start then or wait until the following Monday.