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Friday, November 16, 2007

Week 14

Danny fell asleep during his independent room time, all wrapped up in his blankie.
Note the tattered edge, there's a gaping hole in it too.

Camille's Origami. She loves this stuff but she only has so many so maybe Santa will bring her a new Origami book.

We learned about the Vikings this week. It has been a week of Viking adventure! We've read Leif the Lucky and Eric the Red and we're still reading Viking Adventure by Bulla. I don't know what it is but we're all enthralled.

From our Vikings Treasure Chest
Books we've explored and read, Camille has finished Knight at Dawn and will start Viking Ships at Sunrise. I should have switched those but now she's ready to learn about knights which is soon in SOTW2.

Camille's jokes have been funny only because of her attempts.
Knock, knock...
Who's There?
Orange Who?
Knock, Knock...
Who's There?
Banana who?
Banana, aren't you glad I didn't say orange?

huh? So we got joke books for her. Nevermind the ravoli mouth she has.
This does count for reading aloud, right?

This cat is a neighbor's outside cat. It keeps coming over and Jack keeps chasing him. I think they're having fun but it has gotten into our house 2x already. The last time the cat hid underneath my bed and was in the house for 20 minutes before I could grab it. I have called the vet on it's tag and talked to his owner- it's an outside cat. What is weird about this is that Magnum had a stray cat too that still comes around every so often but this cat would stay with Magnum whenever he was outside. What is it about our dogs and cats?

He's getting big already! 10 weeks old.


Math has been going very well, Camille has finally gotten over her aversion to addition facts or maybe I've relaxed. Either way math is being done joyfully. Yay!



LisaWA said...

Jessica! Love the viking books you all read! Bulla is an old favorite around here! 3 times now! :) The viking boat is way cool too. Tell Camille good job!

That dog is too darn cute!!!

Miss chattin with ya!

much love, Lisa

zelda said...

Love the boat...and the sleeping fella...and the ravioli face. Great week!

Jennefer said...


It's good to have you back and I am glad that it seems life is returning to some sense of normalcy.

I loved Camille's ravioli face! And Danny sleeping...priceless!


my5wolfcubs said...

I remember my mom teaching me the orange/banana knock knock joke! It is my favorite! Probably because it is the only one I remember. :) That puppy is the cutest thing, after the kids of course.

Tina said...

Wonderful boat & pictures. My children enjoy the vikings too. We have been learning about the Vikings that were in Russia many many years ago.

The dog sure is getting bigger. :o)



me :) said...

Thanks for the tip on the TM for Horizons - I borrowed on which our puppy then chewed on. Nice. I guess I *will* be buying one! I wanted to warn you about Viking Adventure. It gets a little (or a lot!) violent around chapter 11? After they get on land. Bad guy pushes good guy off a cliff and then threatens boy with death. We pared it down but the kids still loved it. Have a great week!