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Friday, November 30, 2007

Time to Reassess

Since we're at a crossroads anyways because of LIFE, I'm going to make good use of this time and look at where we are skill wise and what our goals are for each subject. I'm also switching to TOG for history and literature instead of waiting for 3rd grade. I need the shake up to get going again.

I will be looking at where we are in reading, handwriting, writing and math. History and science are enriching and fun but if they are standing in the way of building basic skills- then they get left behind. I'm in a take charge mood. I have let our memorization fall to the wayside, the same with French. I/we need an overhaul and it's time.

I've stopped using First Language Lessons but I'm going to pull it back out because it doesn't cover just grammar. I already know I need to beef up Camille's writing, I just don't how yet. I'm also going to pull out The Ordinary Parents Guide To Teaching Reading and go over some phonics lessons.

Back to basics- to get back on track.

Notes to self after reading "A Strong Start in Language" by Ruth Beechick
- work on the grade-level guidelines
- starting using the poem for memorization as a teaching tool like I do with copywork
- use the writing prompts from Spelling Workout C, possibly go back to SWO-A and B to use the writing prompts
- create a writing jar with prompts for daily writing (short pieces, start with a sentence and build up)
- read through Language and Thinking for Young Children by Beechick and see if there are any areas we can work on

Figure out the breakdown of language arts for the week with the new focus.
still thinking...


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Mrs. "M" said...

Hi Jessica,

Lookind forward to hearing what conclusions you come too. We are re-looking at much of what we are doing. My 7 year old is tired of the SOTW narrations. I am thinking of reading and doing mapping. Instead of requiring narrations simply giving her a piece of blank paper and asking her to do with it what she chooses related to what we read. Should be interesting what she does.
I am also struggling with having a creative child who is also academic and finding the balance between the two. I want her to have a strong academic education but also desire to see her little 7year old self have space to create. I am even considering leaving formal grammar for a few years and just allowing Latin next year to be grammar. I am so rambling at this point:o) Anyway, the science outlines I got from you are going great...thats the only thing I am not questioning LOL!