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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Dog Training

I just want to share a gem we're enjoying, a DVD called Train Your Dog - The Positive Gentle Method by: Nicole Wilde, Laura Bourhenne has been great! The techniques can be used for puppies and older dogs which the trainers show both and address large and smaller dogs. There are 51 reviews at Amazon regarding this DVD which is why I went with this one over other DVDs available. The kids are enjoying it too, Camille is an active participant in training Jack which is such a help!



. . . with Len McGrane said...

May I recommend my own humble contribution to the many good dog training books out there, Jessica? It's free. And anyone may pick up a copy from my site:


PS. Homeschooling ... my wife homeschooled our three children in Asia and the Middle East until our eldest was 14 and we returned home to New Zealand. Now, 10 years later, both girls and nearing the end of medical studies and will soon be doctors. Their good study habits are based on the good work they did at home during their early schooling years. So, keep up the good work!

my5wolfcubs said...

Hope you post a dog training video clip soon -- Jack is such a cutie!

Wayne said...

Hi Jessica,

I would like to also suggest the It's PAWSible! Dog training DVD. Very good training method and easy for children to follow.

Have a great day!