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Saturday, November 3, 2007

I'm Back!

I'm ready. I am ready to reclaim our life and our homeschool. It's taken a while to feel this way but I'm ready to start again. I am not thinking of what we should have already covered but thinking more of the fun we'll have as we start this coming Monday and all the adventures awaiting us. So, let me share that excitement as a way to help myself and know what I have do to be ready on Monday.

Bible- Lesson 10 of Beginnings II, Jesus, My Shepherd
"He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life." John 8:12

This week we'll talk about how Jesus grew up, how he was a baby, a little boy and his struggles. How perfect! We can talk about our struggles this past month and how we can honor God even in our struggles.

Music- Haydn, Symphony NO. 94, Surprise, Themes to Remember Bk1
Discuss movements of a symphony and try to identify them, learn lyrics, read biography. Review past songs 3x this week.

Poetry- True Nobility by Edgar Guest
Yes, we are still working on this but this week with concentrated effort. One stanza at a time, hopefully we can master this and move on. I'll use our tape recorder for Camille so she can hear herself and model poise and voice projection which are areas she needs help with.

Spelling- Lesson 9 of Spelling Workout C
Poetry and consonant blends are the focus of this lesson. I will make flashcards today with the blends in a different color than the rest of the word like this: spill, trip, kind, fresh and put the definitions on the back.

Books of the Bible (memory work for Children's Youth at our church)
Review Genesis -Ezra, work on Nehemiah through Proverbs.

Independent Reading- The Knight at Dawn by Mary Pope Osborne and library books.
Read-Aloud: Eric the Red and Leif the Lucky then start Viking Adventure by Bulla
Other read alouds this week:

  1. Box Turtle at Long Pond
  2. Follow the Water from Brook to Ocean
  3. One Monday Morning
  4. Mary Anning Fossil Hunter
  5. The Beautiful Butterfly- Folktale from Spain
  6. Night Noises by Mem Fox
  7. One Duck Stuck
  8. At Home in the Coral Reef
  9. Dealing with Addition (game based for math)

Watch Bonjour Les Amis and ease back into French for Children. Lots of review.

History (Monday and Tuesday)
Read SOTW2, chapter 12 and 13 b/c they are short.
Reenact what we read using Halloween candy as the booty- have fun.
No art this week other than looking at key areas discussed and architecture of the time.

Spend a day (Wed) focusing on volcanoes and earthquakes with United Streaming and online games, maybe experiments. Spend (Thursday) a day on rivers and floods and on Friday cover Mountains. These subjects have been overlapping for us so we can get through them quickly. Camille will be thrilled with doing so many experiments and I'll love the incentive to get through the other stuff during the week.

Piano lessons- focus on reading notes, Camille lost some of her momentum with her private lessons b/c of my lack of focus. This is easily rectified with daily review.

grammar will be covered in copywork

For Danny and Jack (our new pup)
Focus on alphabet, continue encouraging independent room play time for 30 minutes.
Do Bible lesson outside while Jack and Danny play. Kumon coloring and folding book for Danny.
Combine nature walk with walking Jack in the early afternoons after lessons.

Okay, that's my hopes for next week. Let's see what happens.



barrellfullofmonkeys said...

It's so good to see you're back and beginning to get back on your feet (emotionally and physically). You've had a really rough month! I pray that you guys have a blessed November. Enjoy you're sweet little pup!

Kathy D.

LisaWA said...

Sounds like a plan! I will be praying for you!

The walks with the dog in the afternoon sound great.... we will be picking our outdoor wlaks again too.... its been so cold, we have not wanted to go outside in the mornings! 40 and below. Brrr

I look forward to hearing bout your week...

Praying for you friend... Lisa~

Linda L. said...

This sounds like FUN!
Great plan mom! I am praying, but also knowing you are going to have a wonderful week.

I want a Jack too, he is so cute.
I have always wanted a Golden. And he is adorable.


Jennefer said...

Welcome back! I can't wait to see your weekly report and read about all the fun you guys had.

Here's to a new beginning and a fresh start. :)


Karen said...

Welcome back! It is great to see that you are getting excited again. The experiments and planned outside time sound like they will be great for everybody.

Kristiana said...

This sounds like a fun week you have planned. I hope it goes smoothly and you can get back into your routines and have a great week together! And that puppy is just too cute :)

Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

Onward and upward seems to be my chant, too. Wishing you much *fun* and success. :)

my5wolfcubs said...

Happy Monday! You are more prepared to start the week then I am! We are on auto-pilot for the next three weeks (a good thing)...but you sure make me wish we had a new puppy!