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Monday, November 12, 2007

This Season

"This is the season we are in right now." I cannot say how many times I say this when others are trying to volunteer me for things or want to comment on Danny's 3 year old behavior. I think I have one more year of this 'season' where Danny is still just a little boy discovering his world and testing limits. Yes, I know he'll always do that but reasoning with a 3 year old and 4 year old is completely different. Next year he'll be ready to do preschool and my life will change.

Someone asked on a homeschooling message board when everyone would start Latin. I responded that with Camille we'd start in 6th or 7th that way Danny can start alongside her in 1st and 2nd. That was an eye-opener! I'll be doing what I'm doing now with Camille with Danny in just 4 years. There will not be a 3 year old boy testing me when he's 7, Camille will be well into her logic years. The mental aging of my children and realizing what type of homeschool we'll have when they are on the same playing field is a little mind-boggling to me!

Believe me, I'm terrified of teaching both my children with the same vigor that Camille gets now. I'm faithful though, if it is to be, it will work out. In the meanwhile, I'm going to enjoy the little boy who runs around the house laughing for no reason, who likes to test the limits of physics on the swingset, who thinks painting involves all parts of his body, who wakes at 3 or 4 in the morning to climb into bed with me to snuggle.

I'm going to enjoy the endless questions of Camille, the insatiable when/where/why that she just needs to know each waking second of the day. I'm going to bask in my children's nonsensical laughter and join in. This season will not last long even though it seems it'll be forever before Danny will stop having public temper tantrums and learn that squealing at the top of his lungs is not appropriate in the middle of a restaurant. Don't get me started on potty training.

I have them home with me and that is the biggest blessing of my life.



Mrs. "M" said...

My kids are similar ages. I try not to think of when they both are in the throws of school with 4 years between them. LOL! The idea of waiting on Latin is a good one. My son will be grade one when my daughter is grade four....waiting an extra year to start to include him makes sense.
Yet, I am fumbling a bit with my Classical appraoch. I posted yesterday about this. I just don't want academics to steal her childhood....I am thinking much about this right now.

me :) said...

Hey - you are singing my song here! My kids are a lot closer in age and I still struggle with waiting for #2 to catch up in age and maturity a bit. I also wonder the same - can I maintain the intensity?? I know God will provide for us and it will work out! Last night at a homeschool moms night out one of the Moms read "Let me Hold you Longer" by Karen Kingsbury. It looks like a kids book - but it's a mom's book. Read it!! You'll love it (carry Kleenex!). It's a great reminder for us to not speed through these seasons. :) Have a great day! SM

Oh yeah - I was wondering - do I need to buy a teacher's manual for Horizon's Math 2 or is it unnecessary? TIA!!

barrellfullofmonkeys said...

Girl, you're singing my song!!! It hit me a couple of months ago that next year, all three of my kids will be doing "official" schoolwork. They'll be 3rd grade, 1st grade, Preschool. Time really does fly by, so we need to embrace our babies while we have them.

Scares me to death thinking of trying to juggle it all :)

Kathy D.