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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Perfect presents

Christmas shopping is almost done! It's weird to shop online, carefully choosing what to purchase and from where and creating wish/gift lists. With a click of a button, shopping is done and then the "when will it arrive" wait begins. It is sort of surreal and now that the kids' Christmas is on its way, I wonder...did I choose the right things? will they love what has been carefully chosen? or will what I thought would be great be a bomb in pretty wrapping? Did I get too much? Lol! I know as things arrive, these questions will fall away as I envision their surprise on Christmas morning. I'll wrap and store the treasures away and remind myself "you're done" as we go through the commercial trappings of the season.

The kids are done but now I have the adults- yuck. Why do we have to give the perfect present? Is the perfect present the unimaginative gift that the person has requested? Or is the perfect present something you know they need/want but don't realize it yet? What do you give someone who has the ability (and has) to get whatever they want, when they want?

As you can tell, I LOVE giving presents. I feel it is an expression of love, a bundle wrapped with care to show my loved ones how I think of them. I love giving surprise gifts that end up being treasures. It's not about the fact the gift came from me but that the individual received something that warmed their heart. I love Christmas morning with all its surprises and glee- it is a time that spoiling my darling children is socially acceptable! Lol.

YES. I know that Christmas is about Jesus and his gift for us all and how perfectly perfect it is. That is why the children and I pick one person from the community and buy them an anonymous "Jesus" gift.

Can you tell I'm ready to put up our tree? I am! My only reservation is Jack, our pup and how enticing the tree might be to him with the shiny, pretty ornaments and decorations. I'm ready to start Advent season and the Christmas carols. I'm ready to be with my family. This year will be very bittersweet since MIL passed away last month, I'm not looking forward to Thanksgiving which is why I set my sights on Christmas. This will be a very sad season for us all, very disorienting as the reality comes front and center that she's gone. As the heart and planner of dh's family, this will be a hard holiday season without her.



Jennefer said...

Ohhh! I am so jealous. I haven't even started my Christmas shopping. I have given the grandparents their lists and I am waiting to see what they choose before I buy anything for our boys. Can't wait to post that I am done with all our shopping as well.

It sure makes December a lot more fun when all the shopping is not hanging over your head. :)


jubilee said...

So...what did you buy?
Thanks for sharing:O)


Kristiana said...

I love giving gifts too, and I love to pick out the perfect thing. Unfortunately all dh really wants is bullets. He always wants bullets. One year I actually bought him some and he was so happy, but I just wasn't that thrilled. In fact he picked them out online and I paid for them. It took away the thrill of shopping for me. But it was what he really wanted, so I struggle with this every year.

I hope everybody enjoys what you've picked out.

my5wolfcubs said...

Done? Done?! Think of all the time you have to make amazing Christmas fact, you could sew matching outfits for the kids & puppy to wear for a Christmas picture!!! Just kidding! :) I've never done fact my old, hand-me-down sewing machine from my Grandma finally quit altogether, so this year I'm not even going to feel guilty about not sewing!

I love the idea of doing an anonymous "Jesus" gift. We've done adopt-a-family and Samaritan's Purse before, maybe we'll try your idea this year!

One year, when Beanie was a baby we moved the couch away from the wall and put the tree behind it. We turned a little table on its side to be the gate that everyone else could climb over. It worked so well, that we left it that way for about 2 years. Without the tree, it was a wonderful place for the older kids to play Legos or board games. But then he was able to climb over the gate...

Please share what you're doing for Advent sometime soon -- I'm starting to think about it!

christinemm said...

Our family, on both sides, gradually nixxed giving the adults presents. It has been wonderful, frankly.

First we started with our siblings when we had kids and were buying for the kids. We decided to only give to the children. We also set a money limit ($30 per child). We love the money limit as there is no worrying that we're buying too much or too little.

Next our grandparents said, "We don't need anything". I do make some homemade cookies for my grandmother just becuase I want to.

Next my parents asked that we not give a big present. Now I spent only about $7 each just because I want to, giving a couple boxes of their favorite candy or nuts.

Then the aunts and uncles begged us to not buy anything. They all said to put the money to college savings for our children. So we agreed.

I also like that we are not wondering if we're wasting our money on gifts that the other person doesn't want. And I'm no longer getting stuff that is the wrong size, not wanted, etc.

We have large family gatherings for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We share a lot of homemade food that takes money, time and effort to prepare. We enjoy each other's company (for the most part). That is 'good enough' and actually is better than present buying and receiving.

I do 90% of my shopping for my children online and love it. I have it delivered to my mother or mother-in-law as usually the kids are here when UPS comes and they want to know what's in the box.

My nieces and nephews mostly want gift cards so my only mall experience is going in to buy gift cards. Thank goodness.

I try to have all the shopping done before December 1st.

I guess I need to start thinking about finishing up the shopping, then.

Tina said...

Thinking of Jack reminds of the days gone by with new kittens at Christmas time or new babies. :o)

I too am ready for the Christmas session. :o)



LisaWA said...

Im with Lee.... but Im almost at a loss of words! I have barley even thought about Christmas.GASP! Im just trying to savor the fall and Thanksgiving! LOL

I am so amazed at how organized you are! Well done my friend... I have everything to do still!

Hows Jack? He is so cute! Any picture updates? I took a picture of my lab every week for a long time. The growth was amazing! It happens so fast!

Have a good night Jessica...