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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Two Letters

I've received two letters as of late, one welcoming me to the bank that I'm working at starting Monday and my acceptance letter to Florida Institute of Technology. I'm a matriculated student now.

A friend voiced concern on whether or not I'll be able to handle working full-time, college work and taking care of myself and the kids. I've weighed all the pros and cons long before the conversation but my confidence faltered for a minute because I know I'm not just working on those things but trying to become financially healthy and working out at the gym to become physically healthy. Add finding church to the mix and yes it seems like a lot but it's all part of the new life for us.

Working- absolutely essential.

College- not absolutely essential but needed in order to advance at work and give me something to do because I always have to have a project. (Really, I do.)

Gym- provides a constructive activity for both the kids and myself with positive results- I consider this absolutely essential. Scheduling the time to GO is what is a little tricky but working out daily is essential even if I do some at home and only go to the gym 2-3x a week. The kids have activities to do at the gym when we all go.

Financial goals- This requires the most sacrifice but also the largest payoff, essential for being able to provide more stability and security later.

Church- Need for spiritual nourishment and socialization for all of us.

Work and college are about to start, my new job starts Monday and college will officially start in July but I'll be able to work a little ahead, at least by reading the textbooks for my classes. They are starting me in Art Appreciation and Physical Science. I'm thrilled! For two years I've been thinking about going back to college but I couldn't decide what I wanted to do. Now that I know, it's freeing.

With everything it will be a juggle, no doubt. It'll be worth it...right? Lol. I'll need to come back and reread this when I'm ready to pull my hair out a few months from now.




John and Marsha said...

I know it is very easy to second guess yourself when friends are second guessing you. You are making changes for you and your children and only YOU know what thoses changes should be and what you can handle. If you find later, something needs to be adjusted, then you'll adjust it. Let's face it none of us know how much we can handle until we try.

Good luck on Monday!


christinemm said...

You really don't have to explain yourself to others including we blog readers.

Good for you for setting goals and priorities.

Whatever gets too hard or needs tweaking as you go down the path I am sure you will adapt as needed. YOu will figure it out.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Those things can all be done. Esp if you are careful to weigh what you can and can not do. Have reasonable goals. Like say you want to start working out 2 times a week and you do that while your kids are in their swimming class. That is two of those things right there. Taking one class at night while you work during the day can be very doable... but heavy. And the rest is a lifestyle choice well worth the time it takes to make it happen. Not saying that there will not be hectic times... but heck, there are hecktic times for everybody. I think you can do it all. You just have to be very reasonable about what you ask of yourself... take it slow. And do it all. ;) It is all about pace and balance... but there is room for all of the things you are asking for.


Angie Phipps said...

I get the same response when talking about my plan to return to graduate school. My hubby and I still plan to homeschool our three children and BOTH of us are going to grad school next year and working part-time jobs at the same time. We will definitely be pulling our hair out, but to pursue your dreams--it's all worth it! And I feel that you are teaching your children a good value. The value and importance of getting a higher education. They learn by our models:)