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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Fun Day

We went to Charles Towne Landing yesterday and had a blast. It's the first real field trip we've had in months and the kids and I enjoyed it immensely. We watched the otter for over 30 minutes, what a playful animal! We saw bison, white-tailed deer, a puma and a few other indigenous animals- at the elk habitat, a raccoon was eating the elk's food while the elk sat in the shade without a care in the world. The kids kept yelling to the elk, "A raccoon is eating your food!" The elk just sat there and stared.

Today is Danny's 5th birthday and we're heading out to the South Carolina Aquarium so that the kids can touch stingrays and we're going to explore downtown Charleston.

We started out yesterday going to the aquarium but we passed the sign for Charles Towne Landing on the way and I figured since the weatherman predicted rain all week, we'd better take advantage of the no-rain day. We really felt like our old selves, together exploring a new place and learning about what we saw.

He's 5 now. My little boy is not so little anymore, well to tell the truth he's never been little because he's always been in the 90% percentile of height but he's getting OLDER. He's grown so much in the last year, matured. While living with my parents is not ideal, he's changed so much since we've been here, having a support in parenting makes a huge difference!

I will say that being a divorced mom is not easy, especially when your ex-partner doesn't share the same values as you do. It's an uphill battle that I pray will pay off in the end but in the meantime I get to be the 'pain in the butt'. It is especially hard when one is considering what is best for the child and the other is considering what is best for their wallet. Everything from health insurance to school is a disagreement waiting to happen filled with tension and blame. The only reassuring factor is that we have a legal agreement that outlines what is required. Enforcing the legal agreement is where the 'difficult' part comes in, especially when you're just dealing with the other person's actions or non-actions.

I'm just keeping my eye on our goals and moving forward as positively as I can. Today we're going celebrate Danny's birthday and enjoy being together. We are very blessed and we're going to focus on that.




Alycia in Va. said...

Happy birthday to Danny. It's nice that you were able to get out and just enjoy the moment. 5 is such a special age. My Alex turns 5 tomorrow :)

Jennefer said...

Happy, happy 5th birthday, Danny! It's been so fun to watch you grown up on Mommy's blog! You are such a handsome boy and I can't wait to see more photos of you soon. :)

Blessings on your special day,
Jennefer (and her 3 boys who are growing so fast, too!)

SoCalLynn said...

re "will say that being a divorced mom is not easy, especially when your ex-partner doesn't share the same values as you do"

I was divorced from my 1st husband when DD was 18months old. I can absolutely relate to what you said. I tried to always act with dignity and respect to her dad, even when he was pulling all kinds of horrible stunts. DD was a witness to my actions, and now that she is 23 years old, I can honestly say it was worth all the hard work. It will be for you, too.

Blessings on you and your kids.


Anonymous said...

Oh that looks like so much fun!