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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Week 8 Report

It's a little early but we've pretty much wrapped up our studies for the week. Tomorrow we're going to a skating get-together with the local homeschool group which I've decided to join. In order for Camille to participate in American Heritage Girls, we have to be members of the homeschool group, I can't say I agree with that but it'll be nice to participate in a few group field trips as we choose as well.

Explorer's, Prima Latina Primary Language Lessons, Explode the Code have all gone well this week, nothing really to report.

Camille has finished memorizing Foreign Lands by Robert Louis Stevenson (see yesterday's post for her recitation), next up is Windy Nights. Tomorrow we will review all the poems she has memorized and start Windy Nights on Monday. I'm challenging her to memorize Windy Nights in a week since November 17-28th is our two week break.


We dropped Horizons this week, I'm ordering Math on the Level to replace it. In the meantime, we're having fun playing games, doing drill with the triangle flashcards we made from Donna Young's website and Monday we'll start Times Tales. We have fun coloring them, for durability- I laminated them as well. Camille is breezing through her addition facts now.

If Math on the Level does not work out for us, I'll return it and get Math-U-See and Singapore. Either way, my eyes have been opened to the need of living math and playing more games. Possibly even a math software game...eek! Did I just say that??

Tapestry of Grace Year 3, Week 8
We continued our studies of South America and reading Once On This Island. We had a lot of fun labeling this map of South America. We played Where in the World? geography game but focused only on South America's countries and capitals. Camille can now tell you where Suriname is or Uruguay. We are watching Part II of Wild South America.


I'm taking the kids to a pottery place tomorrow to make their own replicas of South American (or Peruvian) pottery. We'll see how that goes, lol. I am looking for a new world geography game, Where in the World? had to be adapted for us today.

Draw Squad

Life Science using Head to Toe Science by Jim Wiese
This week we've been all about bones and it's been a blast! Camille had her first week of science vocabulary and she did so well!

We went to the butcher's and retrieved a cow bone, did you know they sell them as dog bones? For $1.48 we had a large bone to observe. It smelled though, I had to thaw it out and wooo-eeee stinky. Not the best thing to do right after lunch.


Camille also did three other things on bones this week. Two are projects from Easy to Make and Learn Projects: Human Body by Donald Silver and Patricia Wynne.



And to finish the report her illustration of the inside of a bone:





Shannon said...

I always enjoy seeing photos of Camille's work. Yesterday's video clip was a real treat! Have fun tomorrow.

April said...

What a great idea to get a Dogbone from the butcher, So much easier for the kids to understand. We will have to do that!!

Lorna said...

What a fantastic week. Your daughter writes so well and you have accomplished so much. You have reminded me to take some time off for maths games again.

Tracy said...

I learned a lot about bones just from reading your post:)

I love triangle flash cards. Yours look wonderful.

Have fun ice skating. It is a strange rule about having to be in a homeschool group to be in American Heritage Girls.

Nancy said...

What a great week! You guys are always so busy doing great things!

I hope your math switch works for you. I noticed on another post you have ordered Family Math from the library. I love that book!

We are actually switching from Saxon math TO Horizons!! LOL Living Math sounds fabulous but I know that it would be too much for me to implement.

I prefer to have a traditional/workbook approach to math and have math games and puzzles extra. I don't have these math games and enrichments always a part of our math school time. I love to go to Rainbow Resource and purchase math manipulatives, games, and puzzles to have on hand and set out on the table for my son to do sometimes in the afternoons. Our family also enjoys playing boardgames together. I think board games are the best way to learn logic and mental math. I am not talking about the Milton Bradley games from Toys R Us. I am talking about REAL board games!! LOL We go to specialty board game stores or we go online at

Michelle said...

I've been popping in to read your blog for awhile Jessica but I think this is my first comment. You always seem to have lovely projects going on and you really make an effort to have fun lessons. Keep up the good work! Your pottery field trip is a fantastic idea!

christinemm said...

Nice job on the week 8 report.

I am gearing up to get back to weekly reports. I just published my younger son's grade 3 list of plans with curriculums, materials etc. It is not a detailed scope and sequence, I hadn't written that yet. Check it out if you are interested.

I didn't have the energy to put a zillion Amazon Associate links inside the post. LOL.

Tracy said...

Yuck! But cool on the bone! We did a cow eye-ball once in a co-op! Great week!

Chucki the Parrothead said...

What a great week. I love looking at your kid's work.

Allanah said...

Hi Jessica
This is my first comment to not only you but anyone! I feel as though I know you has I have read every post you have written! You have been with me along the journey of looking in to homeschooling, discovering blogs - your! Deciding to homeschool and now to starting my own blog. You have been a absolute blessing.
I just want to encourage you regarding maths. As I have written on my blog, I like maths, my kids are all good at maths, it is part of our lives. I see Gods order and patterns in Maths. I can't encourage you enough to look at Mathletics as an fun extra to do, they and you will learn heaps.
Keep up the good work, I have learnt so much from you. Even you quote above by A.A.Milne is such an encouragement, that I need, in all things (please excuse all spelling and grammar errors) except Maths

My Two Blessings said...

Wow! What a mom. You are doing great. We went through many different math programs until finding the right fit - for now.

Robin of mytwoblessings

Donna Y said...

Your triangle flash cards look very nice! =)

I like how you did the bone study. Your daughter's work looks wonderful.

Peggy said...

I agree, you shouldn't have to be part of a homeschool group for your daughter to join AHG. AHG should not be exclusive! Our troop is made up of mostly homeschooled kids, but it is in no way required. Hope you are enjoying your AHG venture anyway!