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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Limbo Anyone?

For once, there is nothing I feel I need to "research" or read about. I don't know what to do with myself! Second grade is planned and ready to go, our dinosaur unit study month had a smashing beginning today, I know what curriculums I want to use for 3rd grade and further except for ones that I have to wait and see about.

I have absolutely nothing to say.

Well, I guess I do. I can tell you that I've been saving all my craziness about Tapestry of Grace for message boards with seasoned professionals, lol. Tapestry of Grace is amazing...a-m-a-z-i-n-g with a capital A. I overlooked it before, in fact many times because I had read too many statements of faiths and somehow they all mixed together. When I tried to figure out how Tapestry of Grace worked, I couldn't the pieces would not fit inside my head. I know now that God has been readying me this year, forcing me to realize what exactly I believe and pushing me to realize that I need to have solid goals for our children's education. I've been whopped on the head a few times this year, mainly because I didn't I have these things in place.

I want my children to have a multi-cultural education that honors Jesus' teachings, "love others as you love yourself." I want them to understand respectfully the differences between religions, beliefs and cultures all around the world. I want to develop a loving attitude towards others in them, a forgiving, compassionate heart that works hard to do the right thing instead of what feels good.

I want to equip them with an education that will free them to think logically, communicate effectively and persuasively when speaking and writing. I want to equip them with the knowledge and beauty of God and all that He provides so that if they decide to run away from Him, they will know exactly what they are running away from so that they may return.

I want my children to experience the beauty of this world with their eyes open wide to the horrors and injustice. I don't care if they become prestigious, rich or even if they go to college because if I give them a
fraction of what I desire for them, I will be a satisfied mother.

And God has equipped me, inspired me to move forward with purpose. Decisions about curriculum, how to proceed are easier, clearer and more satisfying. I am humbled at his grace and my answered prayer. However, I'm in a new place- a bright, shiny new place.

Now back to Tapestry of Grace. I want to use this curriculum for my children, the only decision to make is when and I'm not truly even stressed about that. Our 2nd grade year is done and ready to go- I don't feel one tinge of regret about what has been put into place. Suddenly, I just don't feel like talking about it now. Lol. Sorry, I'll come back and post about it later.



Barb said...

Sounds like it is time for your summer break to begin since you have everything in place for next year!

We traditionally make a list as a family of things we want to make sure not to forget to do over the summer. It hangs on the fridge and we cross things off as we do them.

Eat strawberry shortcake.
Sleep on the deck with cousins.
Have a pool party.
Have a water balloon fight.
Play flashlight tag.

It makes our summers special.
Have a great summer.

Anna said...

I stumbled upon your site and am intrigued! Can you tell me more about the TofG message boards? Is their curriculum all on the computer or do they have hard copy curriculum?

You mentioned that you use Well-Trained Mind as a guide. How does TofG compare to their Story of the World curriculum?

Thanks for your time!
(you can email me directly through my blog, if you're able! :) Thanks!)

amanda said...

We absolutely love Tapestry of Grace. It has taken me to places I never would have gone on my own, such as learning and teaching Latin. I had the opportunity to meet the creator of the curriculum at a workshop here in town. She and her husband inspired me even further. They are sweet, humble people who are sharing their best experiences with the rest of us. They had excellent suggestions and an inspiring perspective.

Another plus to the curriculum is that you only have to purchase 4 years of material. This will educate all your children through high school. And you can all be on the same place on the timeline even with different ages.

Yes, I love Tapestry of Grace.

Laura - Walking the Long & Winding Road said...

I've been meaning to comment for quite some time and just say 'thank you.' Your resources have proven invaluable to me as we move toward homeschooling in a classical, yet Charlotte Masonish, approach. I, too, have looked at Tapestry of Grace and loved it. I am concerned about the cost of implementing it compared to SOTW.

Will pipe in again soon!

Very grateful -