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Monday, June 11, 2007

Cleaning & Remodelling

I have Mrs. CleanJeans Housekeeping with Kids and I have reading and rereading to figure out how to whip my family into shape in sharing the cleaning responsibilities in our home. Once I'm finished creating our Plan of Action I'll share it here. I highly recommend this book though, it's more than just about cleaning with kids, it also has cleaning tips, organization and sanity tips!

The parsonage committee has decided to redo ALL of our floors- so for the next couple of weeks our home and lives will be very hectic. Hopefully after the dust settles we'll have new beautiful, easier to manage floors! We are getting hardwood laminate and the 20+ year old carpet is outta here!

The parsonage committee has also going to be doing some other improvements around the house, I am SO grateful!
I'll post more later. I have a lot of things to post about, I'm just waiting for some things to arrive at our house so I can share about them.

: ) Jessica


1 comment:

Kim said...

Oh I love laminate, it's so easy to clean! We put it down in the living room this year. Also plan to add it to some other rooms as we progress through the reno's.