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Sunday, June 17, 2007

If we owned this house...

this is what I'd like our learning room to look like!
The space in between the two windows would be a bookcases like these customized to fit the space from the ceiling down. The current couch would go to accommodate bookshelves but we'd have oversized beanbags for comfort, and of course the couch in the den for reading. The baskets would be replaced with BOOKS!

If we couldn't use these, I'd have someone custom build them to fit the space. Or buy the power tools myself and do it!
On the opposite wall, I'd like this (pictured below)- one side for Camille and one side for Danny for notebook storage, independent reading selections and other individualized materials. I also like the wall pockets pictured but I think I'd rather have the wall space for a very large dry erase board that extended the length of these bookcases. I wouldn't use the baskets for this one either, although it does look nice.

We have beanbags I just didn't put them in the picture when I photographed our learning room, but I would love to have this table! It is perfect for my 7 and 3 year old! It also seems perfect for a homeschool table for the three of us for when they get a little older by removing the butcher roll of paper. I really like the drawers!

Other things I would do is get these roll-up maps and mount it in the large doorframe that separates our formal dining room from the formal living room (our learning room). I would place two quotes above the doorframes of the room, one from the Bible (the greatest commandment) and another inspiring quote- probably Muriel Strode's quote about creating your own path.

In the corners of the room, I would install corner shelves to accommodate manipulatives and games.
I thought about adding a tv/dvd combo but our tv in our den would be fine to use.

Around the dry erase board, I would install corkboard to display anything we wish without damage to the wall: posters, timeline, artwork, memory work, etc. I would keep my computer where it is but use a different desk, maybe one like this.

Do you see how wonderful this would work with corner shelves above?
Love it! The only problem would be the huge printer I have would ruin the elegance of this simple desk.

The formal dining room we have would be changed too, I would take the back wall and line it with custom built bookcases possibly with cabinets at the bottom, but keep a table in there for eating with larger groups of people.

Check out for the playroom pictures and the desk is from

Well, a woman who lives in a parsonage can dream can't she?



ThoughtfulMom said...

Lovely dreams!

I'm in a similar boat - we own our house, but we don't have room for a learning room at all right now. Someday, we will - a huge family office with workspace and bookcases and storage for everyone around the edges, with windows between workspaces and a reading area in the middle with oversized and overstuffed chairs and bean-bags. :)

Anonymous said...

I love those shelves (the white ones), can you share where the photos came from. I may need to shop.

5atkins said...


I love these photos! We lived in a huge parsonage in VA. We had plenty of room and could basically do whatever we wished short of tearing down walls. Unfortunately we had no money! :) Now we own our home and still have no money, but I am thankful that we have all girls who can fit in one room! Otherwise we would not be able to have a classroom at all! My dh built us huge shelves that cover one wall. Unfortunately I don't have the beautiful baskets.
Thanks for the virtual tour of your virtual learning room! Happy dreams and blessed learning! In Him, Eva

Chris in VA said...

Hi Jessica,
Y'know (she said with a twinkle in her eye) I think you actually could make this happen--I'm all for trying to get what you want--

Wall of Shelves--
What if you built a set of freestanding shelves and just pushed them against the wall? Anchor them with hardware. Paint them the color you want. They can be detached when you leave the house.

Go to Ikea and get a tabletop and legs--you can choose the shape, height and color. Attach a couple of sliding baskets under the edge of the tabletop and you basically have the table you wanted.

Ask to store the couch with someone else if you can't put it elsewhere in your house. Perhaps the church needs one for the youth's room, or someone can take it for you for now.

Roll up maps--
I would think you could easily install these. So what if you put a hole in the wall or two--you can always spackle. Perhaps you can find some at a discount or mount a map on an old pull down screen. You could also use a window shade (or two side by side) on which you have rubber cemented a map.

Just some ideas!

Anna said...

Ah sigh, beautiful. It really is. But as a fellow mom of three little ones, I can't help but follow my admiration with thoughts like "...and how long will it take to play with everything in each of those baskets?" Funny how kids like to play and have fun and not play and stay tidy! :)