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Sunday, July 16, 2006

I have decided to homeschool, my five year old.

DD is currently in kindergarten at school. Our local school district is not attractive, so we are commuting Mon-Fri to a better school district two counties away (34 miles one way).

Although this is a temporary situation due to my husband being a pastor (we'll be moved every 4-6 years), it is still very stressful communting a total of 2 hours a day, and I'm not impressed with the "social skills" she has been bringing home.

DD loves, loves, loves her teacher and we do too. We like the school she is attending. We do not however, like the fact that in order for her to participate in sports in this district, we have to pick her up from school at 3 pm, go home (change clothes, do homework, eat), drive back 34 miles drop her off and stay until practice/game is over and drive 34 miles back home. Gas prices alone would be too much for us as a one-income family.

I have been watching "WifeSwap" periodically on tv and have noticed A LOT of homeschool moms. I always thought I wouldn't be good at homeschooling but after reading various books on the subject, I might actually be the perfect candidate!

I miss DD when she's at school, I miss interacting with her, playing, going places with her. DS misses her too. He's technically 22 months old now and very active.

I know the state rules, state performance standards, the various choices of curriculums, the homeschool group in my area, and have talked to various people of knowledge about the journey I'm able to partake in.

DD's kindergarten teacher, the school principal, a first-grade teacher, other homeschooling moms, the board of education and have read extensively homeschool reviews.

My friend Gina says that if she were to homeschool, she would consider me her only source because I'm the research queen. Sometimes I wonder if all this information is a good thing....


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