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Sunday, July 16, 2006

How Fast Does Hair Grow?

My baby. His daddy decided he needed a hair cut. Don't worry, he told me- the shears have a long guide. I knew this was a bad idea but trying to be supportive, and submissive I let it go.

When my ds2 came to me the first time, his hair was uneven with a few "bald" spots. I cried. I really cried. My baby's soft, blond hair was gone and what was left was an uneven crew cut that wasn't even a crew cut. My husband then said, it's okay Mom, we're going to fix it. Well this was his version of "fixing it." Never, never, never again.

Here's the BEFORE Daddy cut my hair picture:

And AFTER Daddy cut my hair picture:

Yes, it's only hair but he's my baby. How fast does hair grow? If I give him LOTS of milk will it help? I have forgiven my dear husband, thankfully he had to go to work. I'm trying so hard to laugh about this! It's a smidgen funny, maybe it'll be funnier tomorrow- or in church when everyone looks at my husband and asks, "What did you do to the poor boy?"

Do you have a similar Oops moment?



Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

This is so funny. I actually had this same "oops" moment. We were at my sisters in the summer and it was hot. My baby boy was 2 as well, with beautiful curls. My husband thought it was hot and time for a haircut, so my brother in-law pulls out his clippers. The first shave down I said... "stop, can you just leave it like that.. don't cut anymore!", but it was too late, they had to finish. My 6 year old daughter sat in a chair in the backyard and just cried and cried. She felt my pain... we have the same heart, that girl and me. But yeah, it grew back. The curls were never the same and I'll never do that again, but it did grow back. :)

Candie said...

Welp, Unlike you and Lisa At least it was family. My Babysitter decided to chop off my son's beautiful locks as she thought she was doing me a favor. I came home from work and My sons hair that I've been growing out since he was 7 months...was shorter...very short..He no more more curly locks that I loved playing with. Let's Just Say I'm trying to read many stories about Children getting their hair cut so I can feel better about the situation because right now..I am deeply hurt and I want my sons hair back NOW!

Shannon said...

I just did the oops (3 days ago) to my 18 month baby girl :(

She had the most beautiful fringe but it was a little in her eyes so I thought I would just do a quick snip to shorten it. Somehow the 1 cm I thought I was taking off became 10 cm. I'm so upset with myself and have to face her everyday... she smiled in the mirror and just said nice to me (she has no idea...).

I'm such a silly dad and will never pick up scissors again... my wife is very forgiving and my princess still makes me smile.

Any dads thinking of shortening your girls bangs, make sure hair is dry, don't cut across in a straight line and use GOOD Hairdressers scissors!!! And don't rush. Best advice is just don't do it!!!! :`(