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Friday, July 28, 2006

Our Learning Room

Presenting....Trivium Academy's Learning Room.

the actual banner we have on the wall I didn't photograph,
it just has this above a bulletin board.

I've got art supplies hanging from the door *very back of photo* in a shoe organizer. I've got the beloved bookcase, which I need 2 more. I've got the funky rug to catch any playdoh, paint, etc. I've got my little "teacher's desk" that holds all my stuff. I've got maps, posters and see I've even saved shoeboxes (lined up against the bookcase). Here's another view.

Here's my little bookcase that holds all our curriculum and notebooks. My dry erase board with today's OPG lesson on it and this week's memory verse. (She's got it memorized!) I've got two laminated maps, and posters for DS2 and DD6. Behind the chair to the left of the photo stashed underneath is more notebooks, cardboard boxes, a puppet theatre, our nature backpacks and whatever else I could cram behind there to keep out of sight. LOL

Meeting Sonya, fellow classical homeschooler. I have a date with another homeschooler and her family Saturday! I'm so excited! We talked on the phone tonight and decided to have me bring my homeschooling stuff so we can look at each other's curriculums! Doesn't that sound like fun? Well, maybe it's one of those have to be there moments. I live in RURAL Georgia, and I'm going to drive one hour but I am so excited. I used to live in Savannah, GA so moving to where we are now was a little of a culture shock but I'm a military brat so I adjusted quickly.

About the homeschooling: we're doing okay. I almost don't want to add history, science, art and music because of all the preparations I have to do and the time it will take during our day. It's been fun ending school around 11 am. But we are excited to learn about history, science, art and music. DD and I looked at Drawing With Children today and she's very excited to start.


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