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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Our 2nd week of homeschooling

This has been a lot better but I think the visit to Sonya's house really helped. DD6 got to see another homeschooling family and see how other children behave. I would go to Sonya's once a week if I could. I don't know yet how to get my children to behave with joyful first time obedience but I'm searching for the answers.

I want (like most parents) to train my children up in a way that when they are grown they will say "thank you". I want to provide a spiritual foundation and a desire to learn all they can and if possible- a love of reading. Can't I just twitch my nose and have all those things?

DD6 has been polite and answering in full sentences this week. She says "Yes, Mommy." Instead of, "yeah, uh-huh." She comes to me when I call for her instead of yelling throughout the house. We're still having a problem with attention during our lessons but I reminded her today that she has a job to do as a student just like I have a job to do as a teacher.

How many memory verses can a child memorize at 6? She was doing great memorizing them until today. I think 2 a week will be enough. She really had a hard time with Psalm 19:1 The heavens declare the glory of God. Declare kept stumping her and so did glory. I thought it was an easy verse but guess not.

She loves Math, Horizons 1 has been great so far. We're still into things she already knew a little about from kindergarten so I'll have to wait until we start new concepts before being able to determine if Horizons is really a great fit. I hope it is.

We did our first Artistic Pursuits lesson. She liked it, we didn't have the ebony pencil but she used some prismacolor pencils. I switched to Crayola once I realized that she was being a little rough with the prismacolor ones. (No I didn't tell her that, I told her that Crayola had more colors).

We start history Monday and science on Tuesday. We're both excited, me probably more than her. I have to keep reminding myself that she doesn't have to "get" it at this age, just be exposed to it.


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