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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A New Year!

Murphy came to visit and although his visit isn't welcome there are times that a little conflict makes you stronger, smarter and better than you were before the conflict. It's a pretty major one that I cannot discuss yet but will after all is said and done.

The kids are doing well, I'm so grateful to be able to live in the best school district in our area and the kids' school is amazing. Camille has been a 'Terrific Kid' and she begged me to put the bumper sticker on my car. We framed her certificate and she's just had a great year- A Honor Roll so far. She's loving school. Danny's year has been a little bit more tumultuous but he's doing well. His speech is coming along and it's encouraging to see his growth in such a short time. He has a love/hate relationship with school, loves to be there but hates to have to behave and have to do work (that he secretly loves but I didn't say that).

They are growing up... I printed Trivium Academy in its entirety and was going through it the other day. It feels like yesterday the moments that I documented. It's taken 5 3" binders to store...what a keepsake for the kids and I!

Moving back home to South Carolina was the best decision, I'm less than a mile away from my parents, the kids are in a solid strong school district and you're able to blossom when you're in a comfortable place. It is weird seeing all the development and thinking, "That used to be..."

 Michael has two daughters and we've become this wonderful blended family. I always wanted 3-4 children and now I'm mother of two and stepmom to his two. I don't really like the term 'stepmom'- I'm not their mother, I see myself as an extension of Michael, a loving, supportive adult in their lives that will love them. I don't want to replace their mom or be in some type of competition with her.

Bringing four children together as a family has its struggles but it takes time. I keep reminding myself of the movie, Yours, Mine and Ours. Let's see, a 10 yr girl, 7 yr old girl, 6 (almost 7) yr old boy and a 5 yr old girl and they ALL like to be in charge. Hmm. Life is definitely interesting at times. Danny keeps saying the younger girls are mean, but what he really means is that he doesn't get his way all the time, chuckle. "You're NOT the boss of ME," is said more times than I can count. Camille loves being adored by the younger girls and her hormones are kicking!

 Christmas this year was strained due to the conflict I mentioned before but it was still a blessing. God's grace shines through any conflict and the true meaning of Christmas, celebrating the birth of Jesus who died for all our sins, stayed on my heart throughout the conflict and season. I keep telling myself, He died for ALL our sins- the small ones, big ones and the ones you don't want to forgive others for.

Hubby and I are looking for a church, although I had issues with a big church before, I'm ready to trust again in the fellowship of others and a pastor. We're going this weekend to worship and I'm a little excited. We'll have all four children and I think they'll love it. I play my praise music all the time and the kids and I sing and sing.

It's going to be a good year. Even if iron has to sharpen iron- I'll be stronger for it. I have many blessings, the best of all the love of my family and God's grace to see me through anything.