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Saturday, January 29, 2011

I want to paint ONE wall.

I don't ask for much. Really. I don't have to ask my hub to do anything, we're that in sync with each other that if one of us doesn't do something that needs to be done, the other picks up the slack. We don't get upset with each other, we give each other space.

I've had paint samples on the walls for months now. I have one wall that I know without a doubt that I want to paint reddish-orange and I have a paint chip sample that I KNOW I want to use. I want to paint that ONE wall today.

"Let's get the sample paint and see how it looks," he says.
"No, I want to paint the entire wall this weekend," I say.
"Baby, you've gone through 4 shades of cream and 6 shades of green. Let's get the sample and see how it looks," he says.
"No, I. want. to. paint. this. wall. this. weekend." I stubbornly reply.
"If you get the sample and let us see how it looks in all light and like it, we'll paint next weekend," he tries to compromise.

Urgh. He knows how much I've struggled with the paint color selection and he won't let me just rip off the band-aid and do it. He has to be so stinking reasonable! (chuckle) So we'll buy a paint sample today. Tomorrow, I will probably get a gallon and paint the entire wall. That's a good compromise, right?

Sunday Update: We're waiting until next weekend but the color looks AMAZING. It's kinda driving me nuts to see it and know it's not done but soon...this is my primary house goal for the year- to paint.

My secondary goal is to establish a sustainable landscape- including a rain barrel and a compost (if I can convince hub who thinks it will be stinky and our Westie will be trying to get into it continuously). I might have to wait on the sustainable landscape, I think we have some soil erosion and I will have to get some professionals involved to properly address that issue. The contractors put matting down when they installed the sod but there may be a french drain in our future.



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