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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Report Cards

Report cards came in yesterday and while I anticipated Danny's report card being what it was, Camille's was a surprise. Her all As have dropped to a few As, a B, a C, and a D. Wow. My little girl (ahem, she's 10 now) worked very hard at the beginning of the year and now she's slacking off a bit although my trust in her didn't slack because she had proven she was responsible to tend to her own studies. I did spot checks and asked if she wanted help preparing for tests, 'no Mom, I've studied and I'm going to get an A.'

Thank goodness for the communication of her teacher, who sends out an email weekly regarding what they are doing in class and homework assignments. I expected this from Camille too, especially with the stress we've been under in the last month. I knew it was affecting Camille but she didn't want to talk too much about it and she seemed to be trucking along.

Sadly, gone are the days that I know exactly what she needs academically and how to approach it. Don't get me wrong, she's doing well in school. It's funny how she thinks she's just learning information the first time, as if we didn't cover it when we homeschooled. I remind her, show her that we studied it and she exclaims, "oh yeah, I remember that now!" 

Danny is going to be tested further, we already have him in speech but his behavior is dictating that he may have a learning disability or sensory processing disorder. He missed two and half weeks of school which put him behind when he was already behind his classmates who are a year younger than him. My heart is aching, but I am hopeful we will figure out what we can do to help Danny. I've been doing it on my own with as much behavior modification as I can, getting him to calm down before talking, focusing on one task at a time, pronouncing his words, etc.

I'm grateful that I have support with the kids through the school and Camille's dad is fabulous. He and I are on top of her situation, he studies with her at night on the phone after I've done my bit with her. The teachers the kids have are communicative and understanding. My hub is super supportive, working with the kids on their studies and quizzing. If we had been married when I was homeschooling, he would be the father who is involved- the one that Tapestry of Grace made the Pop Quizzes for. Sigh.



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Marsha said...

Try not to focus on what was or could have been. The past is merely that, the past. Now we focus on new tasks and situations. Soon, you will feel the past was another person and you seem to be looking at everything from a third person point of view.

Cheerish what you have now and things will improve.

Glad to see things are well with you.