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Sunday, February 6, 2011

One Wall is Done

one of living room walls

A quick picture with my cell phone, sorry about the glare. A wall painted. It's amazing.
While at Lowe's we also found our backsplash and once again, hub is right- I thought because we have grayish black granite countertops and cherry maple cabinets a glass white/cream combo tile would be best. He picked out a tile sample that had copper metallic, golds, browns, black and cream tiles and I love it graphically but thought it would be too dark for our kitchen.

We bought a sample since it's on sale (closeout). And it's perfect. He was so right! My not-so-brave choice would have been blah-blah boring. You cannot see the metallics online but it's gorgeous. Now we've got to go back and buy all that we need before it's not available at all.

our decided upon backsplash tile

Of course if we don't buy it now, we'll regret it later. We tend to look and look for what we want and then we decide finally- then nothing else compares. We spent months looking at furniture, trying to decide on a sofa. We weighed pros/cons of leather, microfiber, kids, dog, comfy levels...and when I sat in our now cream leather sofa in the showroom- the decision was made. 

We have our next vehicle picked out too and we've compared every single make/model and met with almost every dealership in the area to test drive their make/model within the same class. We'll probably have to have our vehicle shipped from somewhere else b/c that's the only way we'll get all that we want in a vehicle for the price we're willing to pay. 

The kids are going to flip-out when they get home! They're going to want their rooms to be done next.



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Marsha said...

Love it!!! And the tile is gorgeous!