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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Life of Lists

I have lists coming out my ears. Most of them are in my head because it seems once I write it down, I forget it or I'm over it. Lol. This very encompassing habit has lessened since I've put some systems for myself in place but right now I'm taking a break from creating a Recipe Shopping spreadsheet.

I've made a list of recipes I want to make from the Country Italian cookbook I mentioned a few posts ago with columns for
Recipe Name \ Meats \ Produce \ Pantry Items \ Special Ingredients \ Times Per Month. This way I can see what recipes I want to cook and what ingredients I'll need, which I think will be very helpful at the grocery store. I made the mistake of visiting the Well-Trained Mind forums for a little break and saw a conversation on-going about Simply Charlotte Mason's Laying Down the Rail book that I've wondered if I should buy. It's organized in lists. I immediately started thinking, "I should get that book, so I can be organized and purposeful!!"

But instead, here I am typing instead of thinking more about it or going to the Simply Charlotte Mason website to contemplate it more. I have what I need already, goals included for habit training this year. *Smacking my wrist* No!

Lists in my head or otherwise:
- chore lists for Danny, Camille and myself
- menu planning/grocery lists
- personal growth list for myself (reading, habits)
- family lifestyle improvement goals (recycling, composting, veg. gardening, daily exercise)
- errands to run
- people to call, appts. to make (Drs., services, return calls to make, etc.)
- bills to pay with pay-off schedules
- book lists
- lesson plans

I'm sure there are more, I'm overwhelmed just with what I've already typed. Fizzle, there goes my air of enthusiasm...
I'm grateful that I finally have a clear vision of what we need and how to use what we have to the fullest, so I can focus on that instead of trying to find the 'magic' answer. Okay, back to my recipe shopping spreadsheet and lessons. :)


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Mom of Three said...

I am new to home schooling but I enjoyed reading all your info on your blog! Very well done!