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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Her 8th Birthday.

The cake took me 3 hours to make. It's Hershey's Perfect Chocolate Cake and that part turned out great. It was the frosting that took me so long. I made three batches of frosting.

I tried to make a 3 layer cake but I accidently flipped one of the layers the wrong way and it eventually crumbled after I frosted it. It literally cracked and slid off. Lol. I removed that layer and put the last layer on. I sort of saved the cake, it still didn't look quite as neat as it could but it has two types of frostings. Plain chocolate on the outside and a mocha frosting inside, very yummy. I wish I had strawberry or raspberry sauce to put on it. Lol.

For the first time Camille had her Dad and all of us (dh, Danny and me) together for her birthday in the same place.
Danny is pictured stuffing his face with both hands full of cake while his fork lays on the plate.
Ah, the joy of having a boy.



Dayle said...

The cake looks great! It must have been special for her to have everyone there.

Good job!

Dayle in Guatemala

me :) said...

Happy Birthday!! And the cake looks great!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!
What's that cool map?
chris in VA

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Camille! The cake looks so good it put weight on my belly just looking at it!


Dee in Sunny FL!

Rhonda said...

The cake looks great and yummy.

I made a layer cake for DS's birthday last September. I forgot to level the layers and it cracked right down the middle. We were leaving for the Grand Canyon the next day, so we called it his "Grand Canyon cake". LOL


Jennifer said...

My eldest DD just turned nine yesterday. Can I hear you sing with me, "Where is the little girl I carried?" (Sway back and forth with heads tilted into the air.) I don't have to make the cake until Thursday when she is having her best friend over for her first ever sleep over. (Only the one friend, all I can handle right now.) Blessings.

Anonymous said...


I just want to thank you and your husband on behalf of Camille for including her Dad in the party. I know first hand how important and special it must have made her feel.

My parents were young when they divorced, but they have ALWAYS come together for important events in my life -- birthdays, plays, drama-free wedding. Even as a child I understood how rare it was that my parents could do this, and I knew they did it just for me, and that made me feel so loved!

I didn't TRULY understand the sacrifice they made (putting their own hurts and feelings aside for my sake for so many years) until I became a wife and mother. To see them come together -- including the steps -- for my children brings me such joy.

I don't know the circumstances surrounding your divorce from Camille's Dad, but I do know that some day Camille will look back and thank you for including him in her 8th birthday party!

Colleen in SEVA

barrellfullofmonkeys said...

Yummy-licious cake! Happy birthday Camille!!

Kathy D.

mom24 said...

Okay - now I HAVE to have some chocolate! Look what you've done posting that scrumcious (sp?) looking cake for all to drool at but no one to taste! ;-)

Hope she had a happy, sweet birthday!

Diane said...

Happy Birthday Camille! My son turns 8 tomorrow. We had chocolate cupcakes yesterday and we'll have some more tomorrow. Not as cute as your cake, but come on, it's chocolate! :)

Bayt ul-Hikmah said...

"Danny is pictured stuffing his face with both hands full of cake while his fork lays on the plate.
Ah, the joy of having a boy."

You mean girls don't do this?!

my5wolfcubs said...

The cake turned our great, I love it! My son will be 6 a the end of the week...I don't think he'll want a tiara in the middle though!!! Hey, maybe my girls will make me a cake w/ a tiara. SAHM need crowns, don't you think? :)