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Friday, July 11, 2008

Answering TOG questions

Tapestry of Grace is a definitely a major curiosity for those that do not use it, out of all the curriculum we've used, it is the one I get asked the most about. I think there's a great reason for it though. It's a packaged curriculum that provides SO much and in comparison to one year programs, it costs a lot more.

We use many of TOG's components but at our pace, from it I use history, church history, worldview, crafts, biographies, some science, literature selections for read alouds and eventually we'll use it for even more as we progress through the levels. If you'd like to see all that it entails, click here to visit the Exploring Tapestry website that has step by step directions on how to learn all about Tapestry. Click the Start Here button and take your time. Remember each Tapestry year plan contains K-12 instruction so it may seem very overwhelming at first, but each year plan can be used again and again at varying levels.

How we use TOG in our home will be different than how someone else may use it in their home. How I organize our lessons may be different than others. That's okay, in fact that is wonderful because it means we're each using TOG with our strengths and weaknesses. The thing is, I can't tell anyone how to use TOG in their home, all I can do is share what we do.

We received our Unit 1 of Year 3 yesterday and I can say that I wasn't overwhelmed at all. After using Year 2's Units 2-4, I simply opened Unit 1 of Year 3 and read the introduction to the unit and flipped through quickly to see the components we are already using in our other units. I closed it and put it on the shelf with the knowledge that in a few weeks, I'll plan it out for our lessons in September in more detail.

I'm grateful to have Tapestry in our homeschool, I'm much more calm about our studies that derive from Tapestry. I love the books, the plan and all the components.



barrellfullofmonkeys said...

I also received Unit 1 this week. I was like a kid waiting for Santa when I saw that UPS man pull up ;) I'm a recent convert to TOG and I looooove it!! I couldn't get my mind around it from the online examples, though. I had to buy one unit and just go thru it in my own time. I was hooked within a couple of days :)

Kathy D.

ByHISgoodGRACE said...

Hi again, thanks for this post.
I agree with the above comment--I can't grasp how it all works by the on-line helps or even having the charts in front of me. It is so complex--but everyone I know who uses it, loves it. I have greatly researched it, just wasn't ready earlier this year to delve into it. However, it's a consideration to begin next year...or at some stage, perhaps!
Thanks again.

Lisawa said...

Ahhh!! I want mine to come to my house! sniff... Im a west Coast girl and it takes longer :( :( :(

Cant wait... even though we wont use unit 1... I still cant wait for it to arrive!!!

mom24 said...

I learned about TOG from you site and was planning to order it for our 2nd grade year. But it seems not to be in for forecast for our family dynamics so we've decided against TOG for this year...:-(

I am a little bummed because it sound so nice but just don't think I'll be able to handle it yet. But I've directed (from my blog) any interested to your blog and TOG's is they want to learn about it!

Hope you continue to enjoy it in 3rd grade!