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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Resources for an United Methodist Homeschooler

Just to clear a few things dh and I are on the same page with raising our children in the fear of the Lord. We may not always agree about the details but we both want the same result. This may be a little long, but's me.

This is the link to the Articles of Religion of the United Methodist Church (there are 24). This is written for adults. I am thinking about trying to write a version for children, I'm praying about this. I had such encouraging comments, I have to at least entertain the idea! If I do this, I will have it "proofed" at least the Bishop of our Conference and higher up in the food chain if need be. I would never want to lead anyone astray by my lack of knowledge, etc.

I DID find a catechism of the Methodist church however. It is Catechism for the Use of the Methodist Missions. First Part. [3rd ed.] by William Capers. 40 pages
Charleston [S. C.?]: Published by John Early, 1853. You can go look for yourself at this North Carolina at Chapel Hill site. Please keep in mind it was 1853. There are slave references.

I found a new source for United Methodist products as well. At Bristol House, LTD., they offer The Order of St. George Bible Memory

Which is a little like the Keepers of the Faith program whereas your children earn patches which one set is included in the purchase of the reproducible book which is $29.95. This program has 7 levels and the scriptures are KJV and NIV. This was developed by an United Methodist Church.

The next thing I want to share is the Bible Story Cards sets. These are available to be seen at, You can teach several ages together.

Kit includes: a pack of 50 trading-sized BibleStoryCards, a set of maps and charts, a set of memory verse cards, a coloring book, and a Teacher's StoryTelling & Review Guide. Of course, Old Schoolhouse Magazine reviewed this product and said just ordering the Bible Cards and Coloring book were sufficient for a Bible lesson. These card sets have been said to be non-denomination and there is an Old Testament set and New Testament set.

If you're looking for a more interactive way to teach your child(ren) and want a completely fresh approach as well as teaching compassion then I would take a look at this book. Sign & Say: Bible Verses for Childen.

You can look inside at the Amazon link above. This would be a wonderful way to teach about differences in God's people. This book was written by an United Methodist.

Also written by an United Methodist (a different one) is Teaching Children Bible Basics: 34 Lessons That Help Kids Learn to Use the Bible

by Barbara Bruce. This book was written for elementary students. Amazon has it available to be seen inside at the above link. Also by Barbara Bruce....7 Ways of Teaching the Bible to Children This book includes Learning Styles! Sound familiar? Barbara Bruce if you didn't catch it before, is an United Methodist.

Okay, so what have I chosen? Hmmm. How to Study Your Bible for Kids by Kay Arthur was highly recommended but it didn't seem to fit what I want, it might be a good resource for someone else though.

I choose Explorer's Bible Study. Beginnings I. I recommend you checking this out if your list of wants was like mine. See last post. Explorer's Bible study has a program for preschool through Adults!

Daily lessons covering major Old Testament events and characters from the Creation through the Prophets. Includes Bible stories, Memory, Questions, Praise Hymns, and Virtue Lessons.

Guess what? It also recommends a cd called My First Hymnal! Companion CD to My First Hymnal Songbook by Karyn Henley with 75 all-time favorite hymns and choruses, including "This Little Light Of Mine," "Zaccheaus," "His Banner Over Me Is Love," "All Hail The Power Of Jesus' Name," "Amazing Grace," "Fairest Lord Jesus," and many more! Split-track format.

I'm so excited with this product. The "My First Hymnal" is also available for Recorder Fun! which is what we're using to learn the recorder this year!

The only thing missing from my wishlist is the United Methodist worship selections such as our doxology, Apostles Creed and the Lord's Prayer. Dh and I talked about this and decided that it would be prudent to use these as our "Poetry" and memory/copywork until dd6 has them memorized. I can't think of a better use of our memorization/copywork time than to have dd6 be able to participate joyfully in our worship service.

I hope that not only United Methodists benefit from this post but other persons seeking a non-denominational way to teach their children about our Lord.

God Bless All of you, your encouragement and comments have been such a blessing! May you be blessed as much as you've blessed me!


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